'The Originals' Recap: 'City Beneath the Sea' Season 2 Episode 20, A Night Of Decisions

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As fans witnessed Klaus being betrayed by his siblings last week on "The Originals," everything's gone haywire. This week in "City Beneath the Sea," the episode twenty of the insane season two, Klaus must think about giving into Dahlia's demands.

Dahlia gets to Klaus with shocking details about his daughter Hope and makes him an offer he really might not be able to refuse. Elijah and Freya don't seem to be seeing eye to eye on their plans to combat Dahlia's deadline.

Vincent emerges and Davina with has an offer of her own to consider from her own kind.

Hayley has her back against the wall and like any mother who is in danger of losing their child, she makes a difficult decision for the well being of baby Hope.

The evening of decisions began as Dahlia narrates the meaning of family. The aftermath of Aiden's death, Klaus being staked and Davina losing another friend looks to be taking a toll on everyone involved. Klaus awakens to see Dahlia standing in front of him.

It appears as if the dagger has been removed from his chest and Klaus tells her to get out of his head.

He is immediately asking for his daughter and Dahlia tells him that he is in her head. She wants to tell him a story which involves him taking a glimpse into the past.

There is chaos all around as vikings ravage a town. Klaus' mother and her sister Dahlia are hiding but they are soon captured and taken away. The village was slaughtered and only Dahlia and Esther remained.

Dahlia means to show him that they can be allies. Freya is completely maddened at the fact that Hayley has taken Hope and left.

She needs to create a trap for Dahlia and Elijah is questioning Freya's idea of having Hope used as bait.

Elijah is being more strategic than ever but Freya tells him there is no other way and if he won't bring Hayley and Hope back, she will find them herself. Marcel is trying to keep Rebekah who is weaker than she is in her Original state, safe from harm. Vincent is brought in to unlink Rebekah from Eva's body.

He says that he wants to help unlink the kids but he wants no parts of magic anymore.

Cami reveals to Elijah that Klaus didn't kill Aiden and he was just trying to invoke fear by taking the blame. Elijah thinks that Cami's feelings for Klaus are clouding her better judgement but still asks for her help.

Hayley told Jackson about Dahlia's move and she tells him that they need to move. Her own feelings are interrupted by the fact that Jackson buried him out away from the sacred area down river. Hayley says that Aiden will receive a proper crescent burial.

Rebekah is continuing to wine about being stuck in the vessel, when Elijah walks in and tells her and Vincent the horrible plan Freya has to have Hope be bait. Vincent tries to leave before he is pulled into the fight but Elijah stops him and threatens him by force.

Elijah lets him go when Cami says she's sure Davina would be willing to help.

What an incredible start to the show. It's amazing how there seems to be three or four different plans going on at once, however, that makes for a dangerous clash to come.

Josh is still dealing with the loss of Aiden and Marcel walks in to ask him if he's "sure he wants to do this." Josh has nothing left to do but to leave.

Marcel is understanding and tells him that he isn't here to bark orders, just to listen and try to help. As Josh recounts Aiden's last day he regrets not being able to say goodbye to him.

Klaus lies in his coffin with a dagger inside of him but the annoyance of being subjected to Dahlia's tale is still about. He tells Dahlia that no ancient plight can justify her intentions for his daughter.

Dahlia shows Klaus how his mother wanted to relinquish her magic in order to marry Mikael.

Despite Dahlia's pleads, Esther wanted to leave her own family out of love for Mikael and a need for a family of her own.

Dahlia was left alone by her sister and Klaus sees a sad side to his current nemesis.

Davina is trying to resurrect Kol and Rebekah catches her but it also sparks a new plan. Kol move his magic into a golem, a clay doll and Davina realizes that they can trap baby Hope's magic into a doll and use it as a decoy. Meanwhile, Hayley and Jackson continue their journey but Hayley must stop to feed Hope.

Dahlia's tale continues where she compares her abandonment by her siblings to his. She shows him how both of them are the villains of their families.

Dahlia says that if Klaus wants to save Hope from what's yet to come she suggests he listen to her.

Klaus questions whether or not she created this lore than they are wandering through. Dahlia says that she did not enslave Freya but tried to keep her safe from those who didn't understand who she was.

Freya could not control her magic and Klaus begins to see a witch who is out of control being calmed by a woman she seems to hate today.

Dahlia says that Hope's magic will be worst and her suffering will be far greater than Freya's. Klaus is contemplating Dahlia's warnings of a destructive Hope, however, her offer has yet to be delivered.

Elijah contemplates releasing Klaus from his slumber but Marcel says that he must instead think like his brother in order to keep Hope safe. Vincent gives Cami the spell and says he wants nothing else to do with everything.

Cami realizes that she can continue to plead with Vincent and get information out of him. She mentions the golem and Vincent begins jotting down some notes after telling her that a doll won't distract Dahlia, they need a heartbeat.

Hayley is struggling between being a leader or a friend to her pack and Marcel tells her she needs to choose one and be at peace with it. Elijah tells Freya that he will bring Hope to her and she warns him not to stop her while revealing where Mikael's ashes are. Back in Dahlia's mind she continues to try to convince Klaus that Hope needs her to help her control her magic as she get's older.

Dahlia says she also wants power so that she no longer has to sleep.

She proposes that Klaus can raise his daughter while Dahlia helps Hope control her power and the two of them are able to protect him to where he doesn't need to lift a finger. Enticing, very enticing.

Elijah tries to find Hope but Jackson and his pack get in the way. Hayley comes up before things escalate and Elijah is aware of his plan to trap Dahlia. He needs a vile of Hope's blood and Hayley grants him the wish.

Dahlia tells Klaus he has a bit of time to think it over all while dropping the bomb that Hayley has to be eliminated.

Hayley is a mother who is relentlessly trying to protect her daughter but will she meet her end at Klaus' hand.

He awakens in his coffin and is restored back to health while proceeding to pull the dagger from his chest.

Jackson spends some time with Hope before he attends Aiden's funeral. He reminisces about his life before Hayley arrived to New Orleans.

He then gives Hayley an ultimatum, either she goes with him and the pack or she goes to the Mikaelson's and lose him.

Hayley makes her decision immediately telling him that she made her decision when she married him. Josh is granted into the funeral ceremony for Aiden as a touching scene begins.

Freya completes a spell and when she turns to see Hope she is surprised by Elijah who injects her with Hope's blood.

He instructs her to proceed with the preparations as she will now be the hunted instead of Hope.

Elijah sure is doing his big brother proud tonight, however, will Klaus let all of this go through when he's fully restored to good health? What does Hayley's alliance to jackson mean for her relationship with Elijah?

Davina continues her spell when she's interrupted by Vincent. He says she's pretty brave for trying to complete the spell and asks if she's sure she can complete the spell. Just then, Vincent asks her for her help and he wants Davina to be the new leader of the coven.

He is giving her a direct line to all sorts of power including necromancy, something that would surely aid her in getting Kol back. Josh continues to say goodbye to his fallen love with a final kiss to the forehead.

He says that after losing Aiden, forever never seemed longer. The wolves say their final goodbyes to Aiden as Hayley stands beside her husband.

Hayley gives Elijah the final goodbye through a voicemail. She says that family is suppose to love you and Hope can't be fully loved if she holds the burdens of all the Mikaelsons. Rebekah tells Elijah that Hayley is right all while Klaus has heard the entire message. He wanders into Dahlia's lair wounded and he is onboard with the destruction of Hayley.

Dahlia asks him if he is prepared to go through his siblings and he says that they have more than earned everything there is to come. Klaus tells Dahlia that they must hurry and she conducts a spell that stops Hayley and packs movement for the night.

Sinister Klaus has returned and he will be destroying anyone in his past to get what he and Dahlia now have in common, Hope. It looks like his siblings shouldn't have staked him with the dagger.

"City Beneath the Sea" was an episode full of choices that completely changed the dynamics of "The Originals." At this point "The Originals" has a much more evolving storyline than "The Vampire Dairies." Fans shouldn't have a problem with the "The Vampire Diaries" saying goodbye when they have a show like "The Originals" to take it's place.

Fans can see what happens next week on The CW's hit series "The Originals."