'The Originals' Recap: 'The Bloody Crown' Season 3 Finale Episode 22, Klaus' Trial

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The big season three finale of CWTV's The Originals is upon us and it looks explosive.

In "The Bloody Crown," episode 22 and the season three finale, Klaus must face Marcel who is not as dead as Elijah and Klaus believed he was.

The Mikaelson family is rough shape after Marcel reappears.

None of them can make it through an evening which sends Freya, Elijah and Kol scrambling to find a way to save their family.

In the season three finale the Mikaelson family gets a bit more complete as Rebekah makes her return.

Klaus is put on trial for all of the betrayal and crimes against humanity that he has committed in the past. Marcel is ready to make Klaus pay for all of his sins, however, Rebekah still has something to say on the behalf of her brother.

Thankfully for the Mikaelson family, Marcel has a bit of soft spot for Rebekah. How will this war between men who were once brothers end?

At the bottom of the stream Marcel is catching glimpses of his first meetings with Klaus as he swims back to shore. Elijah Klaus is spending time with his daughter.

He promises to do right be her. Elijah expresses his concern that Klaus's burden might just be too heavy to carry this time.

Feeling paranoid, Freya does a spell in order to locate all of their enemies. Little blood trails all converge over their location.

Guess she wasn't so paranoid. Vincent confronts Marcel about his plan, he's worried that innocent people are going to get caught in the crossfire.

Freya continues to try and see with's going on, only to be knocked out by a lady vampire. Klaus and Elijah go to check it out but are ambushed my vampires flooding out of the woodwork.

Marcel makes his appearance known. He's here for the watch the Mikaelson family fall.

Vincent confronts an angry mob at the front gate. He gets them to turn around,except for Will, who tells him that he found something strange at a crime scene. Hayley rescues Freya from the vampire but she's been poisoned.

The crime scene is a bloodbath of Scripts, what's left of them. One fall from the ceiling and takes a bite out of Will. Hayley feeds Freya her blood in order to help her keep moving.

A fight breaks out at the trail and Klaus is helpless to watch as Marcel beats his brothers. Just as he's about to attack, Rebekah jumps between them.

She tells Klaus to take the brothers and run. When they do, she demands quick answers from Marcel.

Hayley and Freya are tearing up Klaus's room in search of a cure. They are unlucky in their search when Klaus enters with Elijah and Kol.

Things are looking grime, since they're looking from three different cures. Rebekah learns that sad news that there is no cure from the poison in Elijah and Kol's veins. Marcel agrees to give them justice.

Kol and Elijah start to make their final wishes known. Elijah takes responsiblity for the moments that lead to this.

He also makes Klaus promise to keep being strong. Rebekah informs Klaus of his two choices, give his life to the jury or allow the mob to rip him and everyone apart.

Freya tells Klaus that the only way for the whole family to survive is only if he's able to come out the trial alive.

Klaus apologizes to Hayley for taking Hope away from her and tells her to take care of Hope. Rebekah and Klaus share brief words of comfort before stepping into the trial.

Marcel taunts him with the ghosts of his past in the form of all of the vampires he sired. They're all pretty against Klaus and Rebekah seems to barley be holding it back. Back with the others, Kol is getting worse.

Rebekah manages to step in and turn it around on all the people there.

Marcel mocks her and starts to bring up all the negatives while the mark slowly starts to take over. She falls into insanity and seems to flip her alliance.

Rebekah starts to tell the crowd some dark truths about Klaus. She tells about the suffering she has gone through under his hand.

After her story, it seems the Klaus has lost any chance to persuade the crowd. Elijah makes Hayley promise to leave and be happy without him.

Klaus finally reigns the attention of the crowd.

He immediately brings up Devinna in a very unflattering light and then he turns on everyone else there.

He tells them that they should be grateful that he turned them immortal and that even if they kill him, they all still have to live with their pain and remember him forever.

Seems like the only logical choice is to make him suffer, yet that still gets him out of the trial alive.

Marcel has the perfect punishment though, a dagger dipped in poison that will make Klaus feel agonizing pain. He plunges it into his chest.

Good thing this is all part of the plan. Freya starts a spell in order to cleanse all of them of their poison. It knocks them out and only Hayley is left standing. Klaus looks like he's pretty close to death. Vincent confronts Marcel about the crime scene that Will showed him.

He accuses Marcel of being no better than Klaus. He's taking back the church in order to make it a sanctuary from people like Marcel and Klaus.

Hayley loads the confined vampires into a moving van and then takes them all away.

Kol, Elijah, Ferya, and Rebekah are in a trance that's only allowed because of Klaus's suffering. The show closes with a few words from Klaus to Hope.

"The Bloody Crown" was the season three finale we were all waiting for from CWTV's The Originals. Being able to see all of the siblings, minus Finn, together once again is truly awesome.

Next season is bound to be one of the most explosive ones yet. Fans can keep up with updates on CWTV's hit series "The Originals" by visiting the main page.

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