'The Originals' Recap: 'The Axeman's Letter' Season 3 Episode 5, Aurora Returns

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Last week Aurora made her way to New Orleans in CWTV's The Originals. In "The Axeman's Letter," episode five of season three, Klaus is finally reunited with his former love Aurora and she seems to be quite feisty.

Klaus is surprised with a visit from Aurora, his former love who once stole his heart. Elijah isn't convinced that Tristan's intentions are pure and believes he may still have something up his sleeves.

Davina is forced to ask Hayley to advise her on how to lead after she continues to find it hard to maintain the role as Regent.

Then, Klaus and Elijah face the threat of a secret that goes back to ancient times. Will Klaus and Aurora rekindle their love or will they have a long lost lovers fight of the century?

The madness begins with a flashback from 1002 A.D. Klaus is admiring Aurora as she braids Rebekah's hair. The two later share a tender kiss as a passage from his letter is being read.

It shows how she found out that Klaus and his family were vampires. He drops the letter to Aurora who in present day says it's the most beautiful letter she's ever seen.

She said eventually their love crumbled to dust. She asks a woman to deliver a message to Klaus with her special instruction.

Klaus and Elijah walk in to their home to find the woman dead on the ground and a letter giving Klaus' instructions to find her before she finds him. Elijah tells Klaus that when he looked behind the red door, Aurora was there. Klaus doesn't want to hear it and Elijah tells him not to dismiss what he has to say. Klaus does anyway and tells Elijah if he wants they can both kill her together.

Vincent tells Cami about a notorious killer in New Orleans called the axeman. Vincent tells her that the axeman was actually a witch.

The realize that the witches are celebrating their type of Christmas on the day that the axeman's celebration takes place leaving them vulnerable. Then, Vincent and Cami notice Julian Lucien in town.

In a flashback, Aurora is asking Klaus to make her like him so that they can be together without any boundaries. Klaus tells her that she is perfect just the way she is. He was reminded of the flashback by a perfume in the streets.

He stumbles upon a perfume shop and when he walks in, Aurora comes out around the corner.

She tells him she knew he would find her and says, "hello my sweet love." Hayley and Jackson are helping Davina throw her first party as Regent.

Davina is asking them for protection on the night and she says if she dies the candle dies and there is nothing stopping them from being turned back into wolves.

Aurora and Klaus are talking and seem like the exact same person in terms of their personality. Klaus guesses that Aurora slept with Elijah but that's not the secret. Klaus remembers Aurora's story of how her mother died giving birth to her.

She was very upset and to help her feel better he told her that he was the one who killed his mother. He says that Esther crippled him from who he was becoming and turned his back on him.

He tells her how he and his family were running ever since and that she is not ask broken as her.

The two of them have so much in common and she asks him once more to help her keep her secret as she would keep hers. She then asked Klaus to make her like him, a vampire. Aurora tells Klaus that she is there to protect her sire. She was actually turned by Rebekah and asks Klaus where in the hell her sire is.

Elijah interrupts Tristan's meal and calls him a liar when he tries to evade Elijah's questioning. Elijah tells Tristan that Klaus is with Aurora and that the two of them together can be a volatile combo.

Tristan knows that Elijah is afraid of what Aurora might tell his brother. Tristan thinks that he would be the first person his sister comes to if she was afraid, however, Elijah tells him he should think otherwise.

Vincent and Cami are continuing to track Lucien but he disappears. Then, Cami disappears and when Vincent yells out for her, she lands in an alley. Lucien took her and tells her he's been dying for the two of them to meet alone. Lucien picks up her phone and hands it to her.

She tells him it's her job to read people and she is easy to read. He asks her how they will end the little rift between the two together.

Cami says if he hurts her Klaus will not be happy.

Lucien says she doesn't know what he is capable of but she is about to find out. Cami finds the body of a man killed in the same manner as the other serial killers.

In a flashback Rebekah finds Aurora dead and brings her back to life with her blood. Rebekah says that her family has their own torments, one that they she would never wish on anyone. Rebekah says they are cursed but Aurora says that her curse is nothing compared to hers. She asks Rebekah to leave because she wants to sleep. When Rebekah leaves, Aurora leaps out of her window which began he transformation.

Davina receives her tributes from the witches but she is overwhelmed and tells the witches she needs a minute. She and Hayley are discussing the fact that she doesn't really feel like she fits in as Regent and is tired of making people like her.

Hayley knows that Davina isn't okay with what she had her do. Hayley tells her that no one is going to respect her until she shows them what she is capable of.

Elijah and Marcel are discussing the fact that Tristan's heart was pumping when he mentioned that he may have been working with someone. Marcel says he will have his people trail Tristan and see what they find out. Aurora and Klaus are still at each other's necks. A flashback occurs of Aurora approaching Klaus after she made herself an equal.

They engage in a passionate session and Aurora is reminiscing about it all. She asks him to look her in the eye and tell her that he hasn't thought about what they had for the past 1000 years.

She has returned because she wants to be with Klaus again. They kiss and it seems like all of the feelings from the past are resurfacing.

The police are at the scene of the crime. Vincent says he could have done something. Cami says that there is a way for him to do something about it. The detective is even more suspicious of Cami being the murderer because now she is found at the scene of the crime. Jackson stops the boy who vowed to kill Davina before he completes a spell that would do so.

Klaus and Aurora's moment only lasts for a moment. In a flashback the Mikaelson's are growing worried after talk of their vampirism has spread.

Aurora tells Klaus that she really doesn't love him after he asks her to runaway with him. She breaks his heart by telling him they are nothing alike and she could never love him.

In present day, Aurora relieves that before she Klaus approached her, she spoke to Elijah who told her she could not go with them. Elijah made her tell him that Klaus was the one who killed their mother and blamed his father.

Elijah was heartbroken that his brother lied to him and his family.

Elijah was the one who compelled Aurora to tell Klaus those hurtful things. Elijah didn't undo the spell and Klaus finally learned the secret, Elijah got revenge for Klaus killing their mother.

Davina comes face to face with the boy who tried to murder her. He wasn't actually going to murder her, he wanted her to admit the truth. She tells him that she thinks the coven is better off with her because she can offer them all peace. She wants to work together with them and change things.

He words make no difference and he leaves. Marcel reports to Elijah and says that Tristan is using a building as a secret place to get somewhere else.

The building is owned but Lucien's company. Lucien and Tristan may have been working together the whole time.

Aurora and Klaus' story continues and she says that she intends on changing the prophecy that Alexis saw. She also plants it in his head that Elijah might be the family member who kills Klaus in the prophecy. Davina thanks Hayley for the advice she gave her.

Davina says she was trying to control everything and everyone but she doesn't want to be that person anymore. Davina lifted Hayley and Jackson's curse because she'd rather have Hayley as a friend.

Vincent and Cami are sifting through her uncle's black magic belongings. The detective barges in with a warrant and says he will be taking everything. The only prints on all of the victims are hers. He places her under arrest for the murders. Aurora tells Klaus to go to Elijah and ask him about everything. She says after he does, to come find her.

Elijah is approached by a pissed off Klaus who calls his brother a traitor. The brothers engage in a fight and Elijah defends himself by telling him that he protected their family. He says despite everything Klaus has done, he stayed by his side.

During the fight, Klaus bites Elijah but Elijah is holding his own. Elijah says he has carried Klaus for centuries, but no more. Elijah says if Klaus wants a fight, that will be it.

"The Axeman's Letter" really gave viewers an insight into Klaus' character and his past love with with Aurora. Aurora seems like a fireball and it's not just her red hair that gives it away.

She has a strange way of killing with ease and it's a dangerous quality to have.

Meanwhile, Hayley is continuing to prove that she has qualities of leadership that can really benefit the Mikaelson family.

The war of the sire lines is growing but whose side is going to prevail? Fans can catch The CW's hit series "The Originals" on Thursdays at 9 PM EST.

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