'The Originals' Recap: 'Ashes To Ashes' Season 2 Finale Episode 22, The Mikaelson Family In Turmoil

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The CW teased a huge season finale for "The Originals" and it's exactly what fans are going to get.

Tonight on "Ashes To Ashes," the season finale and 22 episode of the second season, Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah find themselves in a peculiar situation.

The season finale brings tension between the Klaus and his siblings, that eventually leads to a shocking end. Elijah and Rebekah are forced to revisit the original plan to stop Dahlia and alter it after Dahlia's series of interesting moves. Davina now holds the position as regent for Vincent's coven and with it comes great power.

The power she now possesses brings her closer to bringing back Kol.

Vincent has a difficult decision to make involving whether or not her should give up on magic and move away from New Orleans, as well as fulfilling a personal obligation to serve as Davina's protector.

The finale begins as Klaus watches Dahlia prepare her ritual to draw the power from baby Hope. Klaus is impatient but Dahlia says that it's time to begin and all she needs is one drop of Hope's blood to share her power. They put Freya on the back burner as Dahlia no longer sees her as a threat.

Dahlia begins the spell but elsewhere, Elijah and Cami discuss Klaus' plan. Elijah is irate at Cami who tells him that Klaus is going to get Dahlia to link with him.

Klaus is buying time for them to find the right ingredients to destroy Dahlia by linking himself with her. After they have finished linking, Klaus stakes himself with the dagger and they both are put to sleep as Freya awakens.

Marcel anxiously watches over Rebekah's real body begging for her to wake up after she took her own life. She pops up in her coffin and Marcel looks at her thankful that she's alive. He tells Rebekah that Klaus compelled him because he knows what Rebekah means to him.

Cami tries to calm Elijah who is fuming with anger. He says that Klaus will only do what he has to do for himself.

His anger is blinding him from any rational behavior but Rebekah is able to calm him and gives him the address to find Hope.

When he arrives, Freya is holding her in her arms trying to calm her. They both speak about the failed spell that had the wrong ingredients. Instead of Freya's blood, they will need the blood of Esther.

To do so, they must revive the original body and bring her back to life. Meanwhile, Davina is practicing Earth magic as Vincent watches over.

Davina only has a one time use of the ancestors power and Vincent warns her about using it to bring Kol back.

He tells her that a Mikaelson will always back another Mikaelson, so she needs to watch her own back.

Rebekah is going over the new plans with Freya, Elijah and Marcel. They watch Klaus' body and the dagger seems to be melting. They must hurry to finish Klaus' task before Dahlia returns.

Elijah and Rebekah dig up their mother's corpse and they aren't happy that they are forced to carry out Klaus' plan. They need to get Davina to use her ancestral power in their own plan and Rebekah feels guilty that they must take away a chance to get Kol back.

Rebekah is hurt watching her brother continuously be denied love first Hayley and now Gia.

Marcel and Freya are looking frantically for the ashes but Freya finds the white oak stake instead. She quickly puts it back into place before Marcel notices but they both notice that the ashes are gone. Rebekah meets with Davina who is not happy to see her back in vampire form.

Rebekah has returned asking for Davina's help to bring her mother back. Davina denies her of bringing back Esther then proceeds to torture her.

Freya tries to slow Dahlia's magic from melting the dagger but it's failing. Freya pulls the white oak stake from her jacket and before Marcel can stop her, she casts a spell upon him, keeping him put.

Davina starts her spell and channels the ancestors. Marcel is trying everything within him to stop Freya from killing Klaus, however, Klaus stops her before she can. Davina's spell has worked but it looks like she's brought back Esther instead of Kol.

Rebekah must have switched the bodies. Now both Klaus and Dahlia are alive again but she's not happy at all.

With Davina's power it's likely that she's going to seek revenge from the Mikaelson's for rendering what seemed to be her only chance to bring Kol back a failure.

Klaus also addressed Freya as sister upon awakening, does this mean he is on her side?

Rebekah walks in and Davina asks her what she did, however, Elijah assures her that he was the one who switched the ashes. Rebekah has to take Davina out but not for long. As Dahlia tries to kill Klaus for his betrayal, he's saved by Marcel.

Upstairs the check on Hope and when Marcel asks why she didn't take Hope, he learns all Dahlia needed was one drop of blood. He promises to find Dahlia but he and Klaus will settle it up after.

Marcel has to beg Davina to help him find Dahlia which means she's working for the Mikaelsons.

An upset Cami confronts Klaus about his devious plan and he tries to admit his feelings for her. However, the task at hand is what he discusses but vows to make it up for her. Elijah promises his mother death after she helps them take down Dahlia. Klaus walks in and the two butt heads over keeping Esther alive.

All siblings agree that their mother has no say in what happens however they aren't happy with Klaus' actions. When Elijah asks about Gia and Hayley, Klaus simply says that they are collateral damage.

Elijah pops him square in his mouth. An amazing dialogue about betrayal takes place between the two brothers.

Cami and Vincent are in charge of babysitting Hope while the rest of the vamps and witches try to take down their huge threat. Vincent is trying to figure out why Cami is sticking around and she tries to feed him a legacy story. However, Vincent doesn't believe her.

Cami tells him that he's making a cowardly move by leaving a young girl in charge of his coven. She tells him that he should stay and help her through it. Cami admits that she has complicated feelings for Klaus.

Dahlia has taken Freya captive and threatens her with death. Freya says that she pities Dahlia because her ability to love died long ago. Klaus and his siblings walk before Dahlia can destroy Freya and with them comes Esther, in shackles.

As the two sisters exchange glances with each other, Dahlia laughs in Esther's face.

Dahlia plays a smart game but turning the stake into poisonous ash that burns the Mikaelson siblings from the inside out. Freya is the only one who isn't suffering.

Esther and Dahlia go back and forth over who's fault it is that Dahlia is in this position in the first place. As Esther looks at her children dying around her, she distracts her as helps the Mikaelsons escape the ash.

Klaus takes the dagger to both of his enemies but in a symbolic manner, Esther finds it in her heart to tell her sister that she was wrong for not standing by her.

Her children helped her see that by coming together to protect each other.

When all is said and done and both of this seasons threats have been turned to ashes, the city is quieter than it's ever been. Marcel and Elijah pay their respects to Gia and the other fallen vampires. Klaus and Rebekah are the only two who seem to celebrating.

Klaus vows to raise his daughter with the help of his sisters as one big happy family. Rebekah opens his eyes to the fact that Elijah is no longer around and neither is the mother of his daughter.

Freya healed Rebekah's past body to be a whatever vessel her sister decides. She promises her sister freedom to be human and have the life she always wanted. A simple called to Marcel reveals that Rebekah is in her witch form for now.

She aims to bring Kol back but leaves Marcel with a kiss as she leaves the quarter. Cami and Klaus get together for a drink to ease the pain of his sister leaving.

For once Klaus shows emotions for Cami but they get the best of him and he can't say the words.

Elijah waits for Hayley under the moonlight, the only time she's allowed to take her human form. Hayley makes Elijah promise her that he will be there for Hope after he promises her to fix the curse that was put on her.

The episode concludes with Klaus telling Hope a story of victory, loss, new allies and new enemies as well.

He says sometimes the worst endings aren't really endings at all. Elijah returns to make his promise to Hayley come true while Klaus promises all the fans another chapter to be told.

"Ashes to Ashes" was a season finale that fulfilled the hype that the CW has been building. Julie Plec continues to write a very dynamic plot line for "The Vampire Diaries" spin-off turning it into an action packed tale.

The magic and supernatural presence on the show has never been great as the Mikaelson siblings met with one of the most dangerous villains yet.

Fans will have to be a bit patient until The CW's hit series "The Originals" returns with season 3.