'The Originals' Recap: 'Alone With Everybody' Season 3 Episode 16, Enter Sofya

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The hit CWTV show The Originals returns with another powerful episode. In "Alone With Everybody" the Mikaelson family realizes that they are still in danger, particularly Klaus and all of his sires who still seeking revenge.

New Orleans is becoming filled with vampires who are looking to exact revenge on Klaus now that it has been revealed that there is one piece of white oak left. Elijah enlists the help of Marcel, Vincent and Josh to track down a new vampiric face to the show named Sofya. In the meantime, he cautions the rest his Mikaelson clan to keep a low-profile.

Kol is still adapting to being in the world of the living again, however, Finn is not making his transition back into the world easy. Davina tries to help Kol with his Finn problem.

We finally get to see where Klaus and Hayley have found shelter. They are staying with her former pack and with all of the madness going around, they still uncover some pretty worrying news.

The danger in Nola began with Elijah showing off his piano skills at a bar. He hears a man talking on the phone about taking out Klaus and it's just want he needed in order to go after him. Elijah takes off following the man however, he is interrupted by two more men.

They are Marcel's men and Marcel looks to want to keep the trouble down. He suggests having some more time to find the white oak bullet.

Vincent is met by Sofya who attacks him. She says that he is in her way and takes the bullet away from him.

Hayley is trying to get Klaus to change his look so that he doesn't stand out. He asks her how much he is going to despise the plan and she answers with 85 percent. Marcel is on the phone with his Strix and tells them not to let Elijah out of their site. He is interrupted by Josh who asks what his benchwarmers are supposed to do while the Strix are taking orders.

Josh says he wants to join the Strix, however, Marcel denies. Josh brings up an auction for the white oak bullet and that he heard of.

Josh says that he came across the listing and Marcel asks if it is fake. Vincent comes in, tells them his story and reveals that he doesn't think the listing is fake.

Lucien is still trying to pursue Freya but she tells him it is not the right time. Kol is telling Elijah about his run-in with Finn. He wants to kills Finn but Elijah wants him to hold restraint.

Freya comes in and says that Finn is innocent. Kol says Finn is an enemy of their family.

Elijah thinks about siding with Freya and Kol is not happy.

He begins to question Freya as to how she is so sure, when Finn comes in and offers for them to sit down and air out all of their family issues.

Hayley and Klaus arrive at the bar where the bartender is not friendly towards him. Another bartender takes over after recognizing Hayley. She explains that she and Klaus need a place to lay low with their daughter. The bartender agrees to help her out.

Marcel calls Elijah with information of the auction. Marcel plans on winning the auction and Elijah decides to tend to his family troubles.

Kol is trying to kill Finn when Elijah comes in to alert them that they are all in danger. They cannot go anyway.

Klaus and Hayley are going back and forth about why they are in their situation. The bartender tells Hayley and Klaus to keep it down. He reveals that a girl Hayley used to babysit triggered her werewolf curse and killed someone.

Hayley tries to go to help Kayla but Klaus doesn't want to have it. Klaus says that their daughter's life takes precedence and that they are going to start doing things his way.

Josh is helping Marcel get into the auction. The woman in the video says that they will begin the bid and Marcel realizes that they might be out of their comfort zone. Marcel tells Josh to type anything in Latin. The bid is accepted and they receive a phone call congratulating them on their win.

They are given a location and Marcel readies the guys to go pick up their prize. Freya meets with Finn and says she knows they have all had their disagreements.

Finn says there can be no reconciliation between him and his brother. She was assured that things would be different but Finn says he would rather die than be a part of the family.

Elijah walks in and asks Freya for some time alone with Finn. He asks Finn how was Hell then asks why he is there. Finn says that he reflected on what they have become and that he is still sick of what they are. Elijah says he speaks as if they are not the same. Finn says they are not the same and asks for Elijah to allow Freya to put him back in a witches body.

In return, he will never look back again. Josh meets with the leader of the auction. However, he is set up and attacked.

They know his real identity and the woman gives him a message to give to Marcel. Then she tells her men to make Josh hurt.

Klaus is getting ready to leave and asks Hayley to get in the car. She denies his wishes and tells Klaus that all he has done was insult her friends who are trying to help them. He says he makes no apologies for his methods of protecting his family. Hayley says that Klaus is incapable of being a good person and he cannot justify it because they only have enemies because of him.

She asks him if that's how he wants to raise his daughter. Hayley says she won't let Hope be raised like that. Hayley says that she will be going to help Kayla and that being kind doesn't make Klaus weak.

Kol is with Davina and he is extremely upset about Finn. Davina tells him raging about Finn won't help. She tries to distract him but it doesn't work. Kol says he wants Finn to suffer for what he did to them. Davina says that Finn will and promises Kol. They begin getting hot and heavy but when Kol senses the blood racing in her veins, he takes off.

Josh is finally rescued by Vincent and Marcel. Vincent will try to track the woman by using Josh's blood. Before the woman can get out of the city, she is held up.

She is on the phone with her employer and says consider it done. We don't know what it is.

Then, she is surrounded by Marcel, Vincent, Josh and all of their army. Sofya says if she gives them the name of her employer, she is as good as dead and so are they.

Davina unravels a spell book in search of a way to take down Finn. She rips a page out of the book and takes off. Kol is staring angrily outside and Elijah tells him whatever he is planning, he needs to stop. Elijah says the best revenge could be to expel Finn from their lives.

Kol becomes angry and Elijah has to remind him to control himself, unless, he can't. Kol says he is finding it hard to keep his hunger in check.

He never cared to do it before but now that Davina is in life, he does. He says that they hurt everyone they love and Elijah says it is who they are.

Hayley finds Kayla who runs to her in appreciation. Hayley says she is so sorry and that she thought Kayla might need someone to talk to. She tells her she is a lot tougher than she thinks she is and she is not alone in any of it. Hayley tells there there is someplace she wants her to see and leads her with a torch. Davina runs into Finn and tells him that she was looking for her.

Finn tells Davina she doesn't realize she is on the wrong side. Davina tells Finn that Kol has changed but Finn is still a monster. She begins to attack Finn with magic and completes a spell to lock him in his body as a vampire.

Finn tries to attack Davina but Kol jumps in and engages in a serious fight with his brother.

He gets the best of him then takes a candle to end things. However, Freya and Elijah come in and tell Kol to stop.

Kol says that it isn't Elijah's fight and after Elijah tries to get to him. Kol says that he will no longer spend another minute with them. He takes off and Freya wants to know if he will be okay. Elijah reveals that he has the white oak bullet and before he destroys it, Finn rushes to grab it. He does not want to be condemned to be a monster anymore. Elsewhere, Hayley brings Kayla to the place where her pack use to bring people when they trigger their curse.

She says it's a place to honor the dead and accept what they have become. Hayley helps Kayla by giving her a possession of the man she killed. She tells Kayla that it is going to be tough during the full moon, however, she can handle it.

She tells Kayla that she can't let the past define what she is. Klaus watches on he whole time.

Elijah is asking Finn to give him the bullet and Lucien helps by snatching it from Finn. Elijah waits and Lucien tries to convince him to burn it. Finn tells him forever is a long time. Lucien says they can't keep it in the house. Lucien suggests giving it to Freya who will cloak herself and hide it far away where no one can find it.

Elijah thinks hard about the decision and hands Freya the with oak bullet. Vincent and Josh are trying to get the bosses name out of Sofya. She tells them they are fools and that she let them take the bullet because her boss wanted them to have it.

Vincent asks who and begins to come under serious distress.

He says he understands and snaps Josh's neck. Then, he lets Sofya go and the ancestors look to be the ones that want Vincent to help whoever the mystery boss is.

Klaus emerges and Hayley asks him where Hope is. He says he left her with Hollis trying to gain everyones trust. He thanks her for not abandoning him. He tells her that she could be right and it could be time for them to become partners for Hope. Then in the distance, he sees the card that Kayla posted. He says the attacks weren't random, the wolves are hunting. Marcel and Elijah have a chat about the Mikaelson brothers. Marcel hopes to get a name out of Sofya but Elijah says it seems too easy.

Marcel thinks he is just that good, little does he know they are all in trouble. Elijah tells Klaus that they have the white oak and it is time to come home. However, Klaus says that the land developers are still targeting wolves, however, they don't know why. Elijah says that the auction and the old enemies were a distraction from the real threat.

Freya is approached by Vincent and knocked out. She is kidnapped and brought to Lucien's apartment. He takes the bullet from her and and says that they now have the recipe for real fun. Lucien orchestrated all of it.

"Alone With Everybody" really intensifies season three of The Originals. With not too many episodes left, it's looking like the finale is going to be huge.

There is really know tell where the twists will continue to us on the ride that is CWTV's The Originals. Fans can keep up with updates on CWTV's hit series "The Originals" by visiting the main page.

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