The Originals 'Rebirth' Recap, S2 EP1, Hayley The Hybrid Klaus' Revenge

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The first season of CWTV's "The Originals" was scandalous and unpredictable and wow did that carry over into the season two premiere tonight as Klaus and Hayley begin their enraged quest for revenge.

Tonight Klaus stopped at nothing to protect Hope from the Guerrera werewolves and Hayley is now the newest hybrid to join the show, but how will Hayley deal with her existence as a stronger supernatural being?

The episode begins as Rebekah reads little Hope a story, the story of how she ended up with her furthermore summarizing last seasons bloodthirsty brutality. Klaus and Elijah are both plotting their revenge as Rebekah keeps Hope safe and sound. Elijah is looking around trying to save some of the cities original landmarks.

He is doing his best to fight the Guerrera family. Klaus is trying to hold himself together and what was once his sanctuary in art has been compromised.

Klaus tells Elijah that he needs to spill blood because he wants revenge. Elijah tells him that he found the lat ring with his blood and they argue over Hayley's choice to fight her battle alone.

Hayley visits the cabin where the carnage took place last season and stumbles upon a little doll making her very emotional about losing Hope. Cami and Marcel continue their romance but it comes with no strings and no plans.

Vampires have been banished from the quarter and and Marcel is questioning why Klaus isn't seeking revenge. Davina is back in school and practicing the way she wants to.

Davina runs into an old werewolf enemy and stops him and his pack from killing an innocent vampire. Before running into her enemy viewers get their first look at Kaleb, a new character played by Daniel Sharman who is no stranger to playing a supernatural being.

Sharman played a werewolf in "Teen Wolf" but he has now crossed over into "The Originals as a witch who seems to have caught Davina's eye.

Finn Mikaelson and his mother Esther have inhabited new bodies and plot to revive the city, Esther is now Cassie a witch, and Finn is now Vincent.

Cami runs into two of Francesca's two protectors and tells them she is just trying to live her life and their boss doesn't have to worry about her. It appears that she also lied to Marcel when she told him that she didn't know where Klaus was or what he was doing.

She calls out for him and though he comes out to take a look at her he does not let her see him.

Elijah approaches her and tells her that Klaus doesn't want to see her and that she is putting herself in danger. She scolds him for not doing anything to stop the Guerrera's from destroying everything in the town.

Marcel is now rebuilding his army promising them strength and being able to be a part of something bigger than themselves. He promises them immortality and tells them they have choice to leave and never come back or return and be strong warriors.

Klaus makes an unexpected visit to see Marcel and gives him a look of adoration after seeing him try to build the army.

Elijah begins taking apart the Hope's crib but Hayley stops him to scold him and tells him that she can't keep sitting by knowing that Francesca and the witches plotted to kill her and her baby.

Davina is seeing Mikael, the vampire who hunts vampires, father to the entire Mikaelson clan and it looks like she has been feeding him her blood as well. She tells him that she won't break her attachment until she figures out how to save her friends.

She tells him that she will let him be a monster and kill Klaus when she figures out her way.

Meanwhile, Marcel and Klaus plot out their plan to influence more and Klaus finally tells him that he wants to attack the wolves at midnight but he isn't sure if they have the stake.

The record store owner that was saved by Davina delivers the final message to Marcel and Klaus figures out that the Guerrera's don't have the stake because normally they would be hunters but they too haven't made a move yet.

Klaus and Elijah are arguing over whether or not it is the right time to attack and Klaus tries to convince him that all they need to do is plant the right seed. The vampire returned to his record store to give the werewolves some information but it is unclear whether or not he is on Klaus' side or trying to fend for himself. Klaus, Elijah and Hayley devise a plan to get their rings back.

Cassie tries to get to the stake but the vampires information isn't enough.

Francesca is frantic and scared and she is threatening everyone in order to find the stake to gain the upper hand against Klaus.

Cami becomes the next member of the plan and gives two threatening werewolves some false information with the help of Elijah.

At this point in the episode the war that was brewing during the hiatus and banishment is about to begin and it looks like it will be a very bloody one. Francesca tells her mob that Klaus will be weak because of the full moon and Instructs them to kill every single one of the three who seek her head. Marcel pays a little visit to a group of werewolves and takes care of them by using a sprinkler filled with wolvesbayne.

He retrieves one of the rings necessary and the other set are dealt with by Hayley and Elijah.

Klaus is still in his weakened state and is unable to help at the moment but it seems that the satisfaction of what to come is fueling him to paint a masterpiece.

Hayley is really kicking some ass this episode taking out all of her frustrations on Francesca's henchmen and she and Elijah take the rings from all of them.

Francesca gets a visit from Elijah and she thinks she is safe but he proves her very wrong.

He gives her a sinister speech about eminent domain and enters the house to her surprise, instilling fear which is visible in her face.

While they take back what is there it is hard to watch and be happy knowing that Mikael is close to being freed which may be the doom of Klaus.

Elijah brings the rings he has but there is still one unaccounted for. Klaus asks if he let Francesca get away but Elijah reassures him that he did not, in fact, Hayley will soon get the revenge she seeks by the looks of it. Marcel gives Josh a little history lesson on why they are fighting and lets him know that they are fighting for the soul of the city. A stranger stumbles in and it may be one of the followers who believe in the speech Marcel gave his candidates earlier.

Even though Hayley got her revenge and ripped her enemy apart she struggled internally. She says that she hates everything she is and didn't like that she killed eight werewolves.

She says there is nothing noble in what they are doing. Even the love story between the two appear to be struggling because Hayley doesn't think that Elijah looks at her like a mother anymore but as a monster.

The town is somewhat back to normal and Davina finally meets Kaleb. He tells her she has a cool name but terrible taste in music. Elijah and Klaus begin the ceremony to bring him back to full power. Klaus feels all the pain and blame for what happened. He says his greed and envy robbed him of his daughter. He is clearly grieving but his brother Elijah is reassuring him and remains by his side.

The two have a formidable bond and Elijah says that only Klaus is able to comfort Hayley right now because they have both lost a child. Cami and Marcel are in bed discussing the events of the day and she tells him that they need to stop what their doing. She said she needs to help other humans as a human and breaks it off with him.

Yet another relationship that has been broken.

Hayley and Klaus finally face each other and he gives her a speech in hopes that she finds the real moments of vibrance in life.

She says that she wants to hold her baby in her arms again but Klaus shays in order for that they need to regain the city.

He tells Hayley that she is the queen of the werewolves now and she asks about the witches to which Klaus answers her saying that they will face all their enemies as a family, together.

Meanwhile, Cami is being mentored by Vincent (Finn) and his mother asks him if she bought it.

Kaleb who we find out is actually Cole is also in alliance with them to which the episode takes a trembling turn of events.

The season premiere lives up to it's hype. It provided pain, blood-thirst, magic and revenge.

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