The Originals 'The Map Of Moments' Recap, Season 2 Episode 9: Shocking Mid-Season Finale

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As Rebekah made her return with baby hope in "The Brothers That Care Forgot," her perceptions of Elijah will be explored as Esther and Mikael join forces to destroy their children in season two's ninth episode, "The Map of Moments" mid-season finale of "The Originals."

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Elijah is behaving a little erratic and doesn't quite look himself. When Rebekah realizes this she is quick to notify Klaus to bring Elijah back from whatever spell Esther has cast upon him.

Klaus and Haley finally lay their eyes on baby Hope who was taken from them out of a dangerous threat.

Kaleb has been keeping his 1914 spell a secret for quite some time but now it proves to be extremely useful; Cami was left with a very strange marking after he encounter with Esther that will have some pretty bad complications.

The action kicks off with a black and white look at a flashback into an earlier time. Cole is his normal self walking into a strange house and rummaging through the entire home to find the paragon diamond. He ran into Klaus and Marcel on his way out who bombard him asking about a rash of thefts in the city. They claimed him as a suspect who has been committing robberies.

They demanded Cole hand over the diamond and then something strange began happening. Cole's helpers were trapped inside the house by a spell which Marcel and Klaus ordered to have put on the home.

Elijah and Rebekah are arguing about his actions at the diner. He became irrational and killed a lot of workers. He said he had no idea what happened, his job was to protect Hope and he became irrational. Kaleb and Davina are working on a spell to help Cami.

Cami needs to have the spell done so that Rebekah can't jump into her body. Cami shows up and tells everyone that she doesn't need protection.

Kaleb or Cole tells Davina that Klaus and Marcel always bombarded him when he was in his younger days. Davina elects that they both go looking for all of the items that were taken away from him.

Esther pays Mikael a visit in the woods as he feeds on a corpse. He tells her that he misses her and reprimands her bringing back Ansel. She tells Mikael that Klaus killed Ansel and that Klaus has picked up many things from his real father. She looks to be electing his help against their children.

Rebekah looks to be igniting a family tradition and now that Elijah is away from the diner and in a better place they question their families turmoil. Just then, Klaus and Hayley pull up in their SUV, Hayley runs out to see her daughter who is being held by Elijah.

As she holds her she is overcome with emotion and as she turns to Klaus, she hands Hope over to him and they look happier than they've been all season. Much to the delight of Elijah and Rebekah.

So far "The Originals" writers have set the tone for an episode that has a very touching beginning but an extremely dark undertone with Esther and Mikael looking as if their will be working together to make their children's lives a living hell. Klaus informs Rebekah about the curse of the Mikaelson first borns. Finn is currently out of the picture and they questions Dhalia's threat.

The siblings and Hayley talk about their tradition of a bon fire which includes Cole.

Marcel and Cami are keeping each other company as she is clearly shaken up; thinking about what could happen to her if she was to lose her body. Hayley and Klaus tend to little Hope and write down their wishes.

Klaus turns the moment sour when he writes, "I wish you would tell Elijah you are marrying your werewolf suitor." That doesn't sit well with Hayley who storms out with Hope. Cami sits down with Finn who is back in the picture. She offers him a grilled cheese sandwich in return for help against his mothers spell.

He insults her morality by torturing with her love triangle with Klaus and Marcel. Finn looks to be mad and threatens all vampires in Louisiana.

Elijah is struggling with the memories his mother forced upon him. Rebekah finds him in his trance and asks him what is it he sees when he goes away like that. He tells her memories that he wishes he could turn off. Elijah is showing signs of pondering his mother's offer. He questions Rebekah about mothers motives and tells her a simple majority could sway all of their lives.

Davina and Kaleb discuss Cole's past, to a time where Rebekah helped him retrieve the tools to help him dagger Klaus. The five members of the family take a big selfie and Klaus is very emotional as he realizes that they must burn the photo.

They are all struggling with the burden of everything that is going on.

Rebekah says that they all deserve happiness, they earned it, she said it won't slip away. Rebekah says she will take her mother's deal and take her down with her in the process.

Rebekah tries to convince her brothers to let her sacrifice herself in order for her to save everyone else. Klaus tells Elijah that they need to find a body for her to jump into, someone that can run away and protect Hope. They will have to enlist Cole to help and his price is the diamond that Marcel took from him.

He says that the dagger will give him a way to protect himself if he ever needed to. Klaus agrees to the terms even though Rebekah calls him crazy.

Klaus vows to protect Rebekah in the process and they share a touching sibling moment.

Hayley and Elijah are with Hope and she insists on them saying their wishes. Her wishes is more of a hope that he will understand what she has to tell him. She tells Elijah that the only way she can have her wolves beside her to protect hope is to marry Jackson.

She says she does not love Jackson but she couldn't marry him and still be with him, He grabs her and kisses her passionately before she has the chance to leave and then tells her to marry him. He tells her that they need to unify all of their people to protect Hope and even though it hurts him, he says it's his wish for her.

They finally blissfully enjoy their final time together and make love.

Kaleb has found the new host body. Marcel is still holding out that they may not have to put Rebekah or anyone else at danger.

Kaleb tells everyone he needs to take his mother the white oak stake so that he can retrieve something that they need. Klaus comes in to counter Marcel's refusal and tells him he can have the stake.

Cole meets with Esther and brings her the stake. He acts as if he does not know what has become of Finn. As Kaleb and his mother talk Rebekah enters ready to accept her deal. Davina explains to Marcel and Cami how the spell will work that will keep her safe.

She refuses her mother's tea in exchange for wine. Esther is easily persuaded by Rebekah because of her longing to be human and have a family.

Rebekah tells her mother that she would be giving up everything she has ever known.

Esther's offer looks to be more and more enticing to Rebekah who finally agrees to the process. They begin the ceremony and Davina, Marcel and Cami do their part.

Esther sends a twist in motion as she says she will destroy the vampire bodies completely. Rebekah wants to turn back and stop the spell but it is locked in. She pleads with her mother to not destroy her body and Klaus shows up to save his sister.

He offers himself up but Esther refuses and tells them that she made a deal with Mikael. She gave Mikael the right to kill Klaus s the spell concludes an explosion takes place and all is upside down.

Esther now knows that Cole gave up his alliance with her and Cole knows that something is going wrong.

Cami was sent into a convulsive state and Marcel questions Davina about whether or not the spell has worked but she has no idea.

Davina is tending to Cami who is still knocked out. Rebekah's body is in a state and Finn has escaped. Mikael has apparently let Finn go and Camille wakes up to her normal self. However, Rebekah is in a trance and it looks like she and Klaus had taken care of everything. That is until Cole tells Davina about the time his sister really helped him. In a flashback, Klaus is making a speech at the traditional bonfire.

The speech points towards treachery and trust. He toasts to Rebekah who sold out Cole and he felt that he owed her one. He tells Davina that he prepped someone else, a few of his friends who were trapped in the beginning.

Kaleb trapped Rebekah in the house that his friends were locked in. After swearing her safety to Davina he tells her that he made a wish for her and kisses her. Is Rebekah really gone!?

Klaus visits his trapped mother and confronts her about selling him to Mikael like chattel. He tells her that he learned everything he has done from her and it looks like he has turned his mother into a vampire. Now she will become what she once forced upon her children, the thing she hates the most. He gives her a choice to be the thing she hated the most or non-existent, a choice which is more than she gave them.

The brothers and Marcel gather around Rebekah's body as Kaleb returns the stake to Klaus. Cole's elected suitor for Rebekah wakes up and it is clear to see that Rebekah is trapped inside a house or horror.

She bangs on the door and realizes she is trapped.

With Mikael still on the loose Klaus is not safe.

Will the Mikaelson brother's realize that their sister has been trapped by their youngest sibling? Where does Finn stand now this his mother is in transition and his brother is on the other side of the spectrum in terms of his alliance? This episode has left so many questions out there for fans and it will be a bit agonizing for them to wait for the second half of the season to find out.

Season two of "The Originals" has put the first season to shame. The brand new storyline and introduction of a few old foes made for a very complicated family story.

The mid-season finale is one to remember and "The Originals" writers deserve a pat on their back.

"The Map of Moments" was a well-done cliffhanger episode that will surely stir things up upon the shows return.

Klaus, Elijah, Hayley, Rebekah, Cami, Marcel, Davina, Kaleb and Finn are all faced the wrath of the Mikaelson parents in The CW's hit "The Originals."