The Originals 'Live And Let Die' Recap, S2 EP4, Klaus And Mikael's Showdown

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With the meeting that created havoc last week this week in "Live and Let Die," the fourth episode of the second season, the Mikaelson family enters a few more trials and tribulations and Klaus gives his father what he has always wanted.

Davina whisks Mikael to her family cabin in hopes to get away from the madness and Hayley does a little digging to find out about Vincent's werewolf army.

Cami tries to reach Klaus in hopes to figure out the deeper hatred that he has for his family which leads to Klaus' showdown with his father, one fans have been waiting for since the introduction of Mikael.

The episode commences with as Gia attends a party that Marcel has been throwing for his new vampires. The party is interrupted by a gang of werewolves who just barge in without a welcome.

Marcel faces off with the apparent leader who tells him that their privileges have been revoked. He says that he is warning Marcel once and only once.

As the Halloween celebrations begin in The French Quarter, Cami tells Vincent about life in the NOLA. Cami doesn't suspect a thing because she is still I the dark when it comes to Vincent. Vincent fools her into telling him what guy she is attracted to and why.

She begins the story about two guys the first sounds like Marcel and the second is the description of Klaus who she says got under her skin.

She told Vincent that she saw goodness in him, so much goodness that she couldn't ignore it.

Hayley is startled by Elijah who is yelling for Klaus and after some sass, she points him in the direction of Klaus' and threatens him if he hurts her people. Cami gets in touch with Cami and Cami says that she is worried about Davina who is in her parents cabin in the woods with Mikael. Klaus runs into Cami and she is immediately startled and asks him what he wants.

He immediately asks her where Davina is and tells her about Mikael and Davina.

Klaus was listening to the phone call all along and he used his super senses to figure out where she is.

He says that he wants to try to reason with her and if that doesn't work then well he will have to take her out along with Mikael.

Lenore or Esther's new body continues to teach Kol (Kaleb) magic to locate Davina, who has apparently clouded herself from the locator spell. Esther tells a bickering Kol and Finn to find Davina and get the white oak stake back.

Davina and Mikael are going back and forth among what is best for the two of them and she ends up asking Mikael to teach her how to be strong.

Marcel is trying to reason with his vampire army about knowing when to fight and just then, Elijah breezes in and teaches them a valuable lesson about keeping their guard down.

Vincent (Finn) meets with his werewolf army that he is building and he tells them about the Blood Moon.

He tells the new recruits that they will kill to unleash the beast within and what makes it heartless is the fact that they are all young kids.

Davina and Mikael begin their training and he teaches her the ways that his father made him stronger.

They begin fighting with their staffs and he strikes wounding her, but giving her no mercy and tells her to get on her feet.

She stands and shows her strength and he tells her that she learned a very valuable lesson today.

Meanwhile, Cami and Klaus are having a personal bicker session and she is trying to squeeze out of him exactly what he wants. She also coaxes him to telling her why he wants to kill his father and have him reveal everything to her.

Davina is hurt and she calls Kol (Kaleb) and tells him that she needs him to bring some things to her.

Elijah is training Gia and she has quite the questionable and feisty nature about her.

Is this a new love story in the making? They continue their hand to hand contact and he teaches her how to gain the upper hand and just when she goes in to grab his heart and twist, Hayley comes in with the werewolf leader who asks for Elijah's help.

Finally Vincent (Finn) and Esther's (Lenore) reckless nature is beginning to have an effect on the werewolf army and they are now seeking the Mikaelson brothers and other vampires for help, in order to gain control once again.

Elijah says that he admits he is surprised by Finn's merciless nature. The matter is personal as the werewolves have family involved in the war and the last thing they want to do is send their younger siblings into war. Elijah agrees to help them and they ask him what he needs in aid. Klaus continues to tell Cami about his family and that Mikael has the white oak stake.

He has papa tunde's blade that he will be using to combat Mikael. Cami asks him what he is fighting for and asks him to ask her how to dance.

She tells him that there is more to life than the pain he feels and she looks to be showing Klaus that greater good.

The two begin to slow dance and it looks like Cami is finally going for the mad she saw the complete good in.

The peace doesn't last long as Klaus storms out. Kaleb (Kol) has made it to the cabin to help Davina with her foot injury and the two grow a little closer.

He asks her what is going on at the cabin and she asks him if he trusts her. Kol makes a smart move in allowing Davina to come to him rather than rushing the information out of her.

The werewolves give Elijah a rundown on what Vincent and Lenore are planning. Elijah tells them that this is their chance to make amends with the past. Kaleb closes the door to the cabin but sees something strange in the room.

It is Davina's spell room and he takes a sneaky look around while she is resting only to find the white oak stake. Just before he can grab it, Mikael approaches him and Kol tells him that he knows the magic to break Davina's spell on the bracelet.

He bargains with Mikael and asks for his safety in return for releasing Mikael from the bond.

The werewolves walk the streets of the French Quarter but they are attacked by Gia and Marcel. Hayley leads Oliver and the majority of the young ones to an underground passageway out of the quarter. Oliver meets with Elijah and he asks where the rest of his people are, Hayley and Josh are leading the others away.

Elijah and Oliver are ambushed by Lenore's other werewolf henchman, he does not back down, even when they tell him that Lenore wants him. Elijah and Oliver prepare to face off very much outmatched.

The younger werewolves are bussed off to safety away from Lenore.

Oliver and Elijah take out the entire army but they are attacked by Finn and just as Elijah goes to end Finn he is staked by Esther.

Things have been shaken up completely at this point, is this where Elijah's role ends? However, fans will remember that the werewolves told Elijah that Lenore needs him so why would she kill him?

As Davina sleeps, Kol wakes her up and she asks him to leave with her right that instant. Klaus approaches the Cabin and sees Davina and Kol doing what looks to be some kind of spell to save themselves.

He hears his father approaching and senses his presence.

He picks up the homemade staff with the Mikaelson branding and throws it to the house. He threatens Davina to let his father out and Mikael approaches Kol and asks him to free him from the spell.

The two hate filled men stare at each other. Mikael tells Klaus that he traveled all the way back from hell for the fight and the battle begins.

The bout seems evenly matched now with Klaus fueled by his hatred and anger towards his father.

They both end up striking each other and Klaus is able to remove the white oak stake before it consumes him. Mikael, however, falls victim as the blade enters his body.

Cami rushes to Davina's aid however, she meets up with Klaus who she makes promise that he will not hurt Davina. Then she and Klaus share a hug as they look at Mikael's body.

Josh sits at a bar waiting for someone and it happens to be the leader of the werewolf army.

There begins a bond between a vampire and a werewolf as the two share their thoughts about each other. This can be foreshadowing a greater bond beyond just what they started.

Marcel pours Hayley a drink and they celebrate the little victory that they were able to achieve. Gia is with them and Gia is completely worried about Elijah who was taken out by Finn and Esther and no one knows. Klaus loads his father's body up in the back of the car but Mikael awakens and pulls the blade from his body.

It sure isn't over yet Mikael is alive, and Elijah has become a prisoner of his own mother and brothers.

Esther tells him that she only wants them to be a family again and she says she needs to purify him before that can happen. Is this the end for Elijah?

"Live and Let Die" follows the notion of the game of Risk where everyone is building their own army in "The Originals," however one of those armies took a serious hit. The French Quarter gets a wake up call once again at the hands of Klaus and his family who have turned things upside down. Fans have can't be satisfied with this episode, it was twisted and the surprises continue in "The Originals." To see where the action goes form here, fans can tune in next Monday at 8 P.M. on CWTV. Those looking for a little more than just the show can head over to it's homepage at