'The Originals' Joseph Morgan Takes it Back to the Viking Roots in his Latest Selfie

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The old days of "The Originals" flashbacks depict a period in time where vikings controlled the land and the latest selfie from Joseph Morgan gives fans a sneak peek into one of those flashbacks.

In the photo below, Joseph Morgan is sporting some pretty long locks and is wearing what looks to be a burlap garment. The selfie was posted to his official Instagram page and later retweeted for his Twitter fans.

"The Originals" is know to have flashbacks that show the early days of Klaus and his family members but something tells us this look might be featured in a flashback with his co-star Elijah, played by Daniel Gillies.

Klaus and Elijah's relationship was in turmoil towards the end of the second season and as season three nears and most of the elders being dead (Mikael, Esther & Dahlia), these flashbacks might reveal some of the early days of the two brothers. It might revisit a time where their bond was very strong or why Elijah and Klaus are almost inseparable.

Are you excited for season three of "The Originals"? The season is scheduled to kick off on October 8.

From Viking Vampire to Vampire King #theOriginals coming soon.

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