'The Originals' Joseph Morgan & Daniel Gillies Have Some Fun On Set

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Fans have got to be rejoicing after "The Originals" Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan decided to join Instagram and the funny gestures are already starting to pop up as the guys film season three.

In an Instagram post by Gillies, he displayed a hilarious novel titled, "Acting The First Six Lessons," which according to the caption, was given to him by his co-star Joseph Morgan.

It's going to be interesting to see if the two continue this back and forth which is awesome for fans of "The Originals."

"@therealjosephmorgan generously deposits what he calls 'guidance literature' in my dressing room while I'm occupied with a scene or doing something of actual value," according to Gillies in the caption.

"This gem is only mildly offensive. many of the books he leaves suggest seeking another vocation altogether."

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The third season of "The Originals" promises a pretty heavy dynamic between Klaus and Elijah as their relationship is struggling after Klaus' apparent betrayal. Klaus was just doing what he had to do but Elijah is going to find it much harder to trust his brother.

There should also be a very interesting character development when it comes Elijah who now has to deal with the fact that he can only see Hayley on a full moon because of her curse.

Fans can see how it all plays out when "The Originals" returns this on October 8.

Happy Tuesday #theOriginals

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