'The Originals' Joseph Morgan Answers Twitter Questions From Fans

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Earlier this week "The Originals" Joseph Morgan who plays the ruthless hybrid Klaus Mikaelson made his return to Twitter after taking a few days off and with it, Morgan took some time to answer a few fan questions.

The first fan asked where Morgan has been, a question many might have been wondering as well. His response? Well, it looks like Morgan was busy "traveling, reading, painting, cooking, watching films, walking dogs and most of all living life." After all being the enemy of almost every one in "The Originals" does get kind of tiring right.

If you've watched season two of "The Originals" you'd understand that Klaus was under a serious threat from Dahlia, the evil witch that tried to take his daughter away from him.

Things got even uglier when he had to temporarily go against his siblings to finish her off once and for all. However, as always, the Mikaelson family got over their quarrels and triumphed in the end.

It looks like Morgan was also enjoying some music, specifically "Florence + The Machine's new album "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful." Morgan stated that "Mother," "Which Witch" and "What Kind of Man" were among some of his favorite tracks off the F+TM album.

Of course there was also the strange question as to whether or not Morgan has a favorite kind of socks.

His reply might not be that shocking at all given his character on "The Originals." He says that his favorite kind of socks are "red ones." Funny that he picked the color of blood that's often spilled on his show.

Morgan's fan interaction was both funny and refreshing as fans search for more information after the season 2 finale. "The Originals" will return in fall and fans can be sure that there will be no shortage or villains and problems for the Mikaelson family to over come.

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