'The Originals' Joseph Morgan Already Builds Hype For Season 3, Says Filming Starts Soon

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CW TV's "The Originals" season three is already sounding very promising especially when Joseph Morgan is already expressing his excitement over the script.

"Soon. I've just read the first few episodes and I'm VERY excited to start filming," said Morgan in reply to one of his fans who asked when the filming of season three of "The Originals" will begin.

This is excellent news for fans and if you know anything about the cast it's that they will likely have a ton of sneak peaks of filming over social media.

Meanwhile main writer Julie Plec hasn't revealed much information on the upcoming season but she loves to keep fans in the know so expect her to also begin leaking hints here and there.

In his social media revisit Morgan was very happy to have hit two million followers and welcomed his new followers.

He also continued to tease fans with a clip of Klaus telling baby Hope a story at the end of episode 22 of season 2.

Any news from Morgan is good news for fans who still have quite a bit of a wait until the hit CW show returns in all it's bloody, sultry and suspenseful nature.