The Originals 'Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire' Recap, Season 2 Episode 10: Vincent Seeks Revenge

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Rebekah's well being became the central point of "Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire," the tenth episode in the second season premiere of "The Originals." The family feud continues as Klaus searches for his sister and Vincent seeks revenge after having his mother's plans foiled by his brothers.

Hayley and Jackson's union bonds the vampires and werewolves together to the point where a mutual truce between the two seems inevitable. Meanwhile Elijah is forced to watch the woman he loves move on for the greater good and protection of baby Hope.

Vincent is so hellbent on seeking revenge on his siblings that he placed a spell on the place of common ground between the vampire and werewolves causing pandemonium between the two sides who had been at war for centuries.

Rebekah was trapped in an insane asylum at the hands of Kol/Kaleb and now big brother Klaus wants answers for his sisters disappearance.

The action kicks off as Hayley attends to Baby Hope. Klaus narrates a beautiful sentiment as Hayley and Elijah live in a home together.

Elijah is struggling with his visions while Kol continues to woo Davina.

Finn is very much alive and plotting revenge and Rebekah's real body lies in a comatose state. The narration was actually a rundown of what went on being told to Cami as they drive up onto the home.

Cami is introduced to Hope who had no idea that Klaus and his family didn't tell her about Hope due to fear that her existence may be extracted. The four marvel at little Hope and then meet to figure out where things will go from present moment.

Elijah is left to guard Cami and Klaus and Hayley will leave to unite the vampires and werewolves.

Rebekah is trapped in a body (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) inside an insane asylum and is being dosed with pills as she is restrained to the bed.

Finn is working on some magic while his father Mikael promises his aid to destroying the rest of their siblings. Finn agrees and tells Mikael he could use his strength.

Hayley approaches Jackson and though she believes it's simple Jackson assures her that there is much more to it.

They need to perform a ceremony complete with devotion rituals. It all sounds very intimate and Hayley's last interactions with Elijah may be the reason for her reservations about the marriage.

Hayley says that the most influential wolves have gathered to talk to the most influential vampires and when they all meet face to face the tension is at an all time high. Rebekah's recognized despite her appears and the one who recognized her happens to be a victim of her mother. Kassie tells Rebekah that there is no way to break out or escape alive.

Kaleb has a wicked smile on his face as he settles into his new accommodations.

Klaus presents Kol with a bottle of Absynthe but the reunion is cut short as Finn barges in demanding to know where his mother is. Finn warns Klaus of being to arrogant and storms out.

Hayley tries to appeal to the wolves and Marcel agrees as long as there is a peace truce. Finn comes into the middle and ruins the entire meeting by casting a trapping spell keeping the werewolves and vampires trapped.

Klaus realizes that there is something wrong and tells Kaleb to fix it since he is a witch himself. Kaleb says he might need some help, meanwhile, Marcel sends his apprentice Mia to control their people.

Elijah and Cami sit down to discuss what is going on inside his head. Cami brings out a trivia game for the two to play and Elijah refuses to that is, until Cami asks about Hayley.

Klaus mentions Hayley and Elijah's glow to Hayley and he probes her to find out what she is thinking. Hayley realizes that she feels guilty for going ahead with Jackson's ceremony though she feels deeply for Elijah.

Cassie gives Rebekah the tour of the insane asylum for those who were gateways for witches. Rebekah asks if they still have magic and says they need to send a distress signal to the outside. Kaleb's help walks in and surprise surprise, it's Davina.

They begin doing a spell to try to remove the trapping spell but it doesn't work. Finn (Vincent) now looks to be using his father to channel power and energy in order to take out his family.

So far the introduction into this new life after one war has been waged and won doesn't seem smooth at all.

There are clear bumps in the future as well and with Rebekah being trapped Klaus and Elijah are down one trustworthy sibling and up one who is just out for his own protection.

Cami and Elijah continue their game and she is clearly having a lot more to drink than she should. When the drink is spilled on Elijah he becomes trapped in a trance like state but snaps out when she tries to help him.

He continues to call for Rebekah and reaches someone named Angelica Barker who is supposed to be Rebekah's new body.

Elijah tells Klaus something is wrong and as Klaus approaches Kaleb, Kaleb tells him that they need to reveal Esther's location to distract Finn.

Hayley comes clean to Jackson about where she was when she was gone. She tells Jackson that she slept with Elijah and Jackson is visibly upset. He asks her if she is in love with him and just the look on her face alone gives him his answer.

She tells him it doesn't matter what she feels it's all about Hope and Jackson walks out.

Josh and his werewolf boyfriend engage in some loving activity of their own but they struggle to figure out how to come out as being a vampire and werewolf pair.

Josh is told that the vampires were the bad guys in everything which triggers an extremely strange effect.

Something was said that triggered the spell and Vincent/Finn is making things worst.

There is a relentless thirst going through all of the vampires and the only thing to quench it is with the blood of the werewolves sin the next room.

Clearly Finn has made his move a very strategic one but how did he get Mikael to just lay down and let him drawn energy from him?

Finn/Vincent receives a call from Klaus who is ready to bargain. Klaus offers their mother's location in exchange for out of the spell. Vincent/Finn remains relentless and doesn't seem to be budging from his current state.

Klaus is forced to tell Finn/Vincent where their mother is. Meanwhile, Rebekah and Cassie are trying to do a spell that would send a message to her family out the outside.

They begin the spell but are interrupted by one of the necromancers who run the asylum.

Tempers run high in the compound and Marcel, Klaus and Kaleb try to brainstorm a way on getting out but all of their efforts seem to have bad consequences. Elijah is really struggling with the memories in his head and Cami continues to try to help but Elijah loses control for a split second before removing himself from the house.

Rebekah knows that Kol is the one behind the attacks and she sees a question on the floor from someone.

She looks up and sees someone who appears to be trying to communicate with her. After escaping two of the people trying to restrain her, she continues to chase the ghost.

Finn/Vincent finds Esther and he notices a very big change in her. He is taken back at what he sees and now it looks like the things he feared the most is now what his mother has become.

Tensions get high in the compound and when the first blood is drawn a fight ensues.

Josh can't help it and Klaus steps in before Josh tries to drain some werewolf blood. Davina and Kaleb start the spell to try to help everyone get out without drawing any more blood.

Rebekah is led into a very strange room with just a single casket sitting in the middle of it. She looks into the casket and steps out of the room as the door closes on it's own. Esther tries to apologize to her son for caving to temptation.

He tells her that she is a hypocrite and that he now knows that she would want him to finish what they started.

He attacks his mother as the scene switches to the compound where the spell has been completed so that the werewolves can escape.

Klaus knows that Kaleb lied and after the spell is complete, he throws him to the hungry vampires and asks where Rebekah is.

Klaus lectures Kaleb about being selfish and petty ways that got him into the situation. Marcel at the wish of Davina tries to keep Kaleb out of harm and sends him away from the hungry bunch.

Jackson and Hayley are alone and he proposes to Hayley and apologizes for acting the way he did. He tells her that he loves her and that every moment he spends with her makes him love her even more. He promises to turn things around for their pack and says that's all he asks.

He says forcing her to love him won't be another mistake that he makes, but he wants to marry her. She smiles and agrees. At this point one can't help but feel sorry for Elijah at this moment.

Klaus asks Elijah to stay with Cami while he sorts things out. Elijah apologizes to Cami and tells her that his sister is missing, his family is in jeopardy and he is powerless in it all. He asks for her forgiveness and she offers her ear if he ever wants to talk about it.

Klaus reaches the place where he left his mother only to find her gone.

Vincent/Finn lays his mother in the center of a spell circle next to his father and lectures their lifeless bodies. He vows that everyone will pay for what his parents brought on to the Earth including them.

Marcel looks up at Kaleb with the rest of his troop. Kaleb is frightened into hiding and has to barricade himself in his room.

Rebekah is laying in a down state as the name Freya assembles with the letters on the ground.

Season two of "The Originals" has really been an impressive piece of writing. Having Rebekah back is refreshing as she is a crucial member of the family. The mid-season premiere looks to set the tone for a very scandalous end to "The Originals" second season.

"Gonna Set You Flag on Fire" continues to explore treachery and backstabbing going on within the Mikaelson family.

It will be interesting to see how Kaleb/Kol and Davina's love story develops as the season continues.

Klaus, Elijah, Hayley, Rebekah, Cami, Marcel, Davina, Kaleb and Finn are all intertwined into issues where serious consequences may be the result in The CW's hit series "The Originals."