The Originals 'Every Mother's Son' Recap, S2 EP3, Klaus' Childhood Secret Revealed

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The dinner meeting of centuries is upon fans of "The Originals" in "Every Mother's Son," the third episode in the second season of a roller coaster ride of a season.

Klaus and Elijah haven't seen their mother since "The Vampire Diaries" and tonight the three will have the meeting of epic proportions.

Klaus and Elijah don't exactly trust their mother either which is why they are calling upon a new witch, Lenore to try and gain the upper hand on the woman that cursed them.

Things will take a shocking turn, however, when Esther reveals a secret from Klaus' childhood.

The episode begins as Esther prepares for her sons company and the feast looks delicious. Hayley and Klaus are looking at a spread all of their which seems to be the meal that their mother was preparing.

The main course of the meal is an invitation for the real dinner.

Another one of "The Originals" flashbacks occur as young Klaus and his mother have a chat about Klaus being afraid.

This flashback is a tender moment in Klaus' childhood as she tells him whenever he hears the birds singing, to remember she is always with him.

Hayley and Klaus are plotting to kill Esther but Elijah tells them they shouldn't be so hasty as their mother could mov her possession elsewhere. Marcel and Elijah are now face to face again since Elijah was assigned a disciple. Elijah is looking for Davina for help however, Marcel appoints the disciple to take him to see Lenore and so the meeting begins.

Finn meets with Oliver at the bar and tells him that he is the person he is supposed to be meeting.

Oliver says that he was there to meet Cassie but Vincent (Finn) tells him that when you speaks him, he is speaking to Cassie.

When Oliver tries to refuse Finn flexes his witchcraft and tells Oliver he could make an example of him, however, he gives him the ring and tells him that payment will begin today.

Hayley and Klaus are together again and she is asking Klaus why his mother hates him so much.

He tells her the story of losing a brother and why his mother turned he and his siblings to immortals.

Hayley begins to worry about her baby and but Klaus gives her some claiming words to help her get her mind right before they figure out how to destroy Esther.

Elijah and Gia continue their quest to find Lenore but she is beginning to be much for him and he warns her. They stumble upon Lenore and Elijah asks her for a favor.

At first Lenore is extremely skeptical but Elijah makes her an offer to help her business.

Lenore tells him what she needs for the spell and he leaves however, Vincent makes his way into Lenore's shop soon after and it looks like he will be asking her for a favor.

The setting is in place and the tension of the episode can be felt from they way everyone is seeking alliances. The game of Risk continues to go on as each of the factions continue to build their army. Klaus meets up with Marcel and asks him for the pin that he gave Marcel when he was 11.

The artifact is a bird pendant that Esther had given to him when he was little to provide him comfort.

As she gave him the necklace she tells him that she loves all her children but she thinks that he is special.

Another mother and son moment occurs as she teaches him to dance and when he thinks he had lost it as a child, it was Finn who saved the day by finding it.

Vincent (Finn) brought Lenore to Cassie but she says that Lenore seems hesitant. As Cassie and and Vincent finalize their plans Vincent calls upon Oliver to repay him for the ring by torturing Lenore. Hayley takes the necklace so that she can take it to Lenore and she gets a little more advice from Elijah.

For a brief moment Klaus seems to care about Elijah and Hayley's relationship but Elijah tells him it doesn't matter as long as Hayley is stronger. Gia and Marcel discuss why he is making Elijah mentor her.

Marcel says that he needs Elijah to see them as family.

Klaus and Elijah prepare themselves for the dinner they are approached by Finn who reveals who he is by his harsh words towards his brothers.

While Elijah was clueless, Klaus certainly knew who he was talking to and Finn tells them that it is time to eat.

Suspense is always prevalent in these episodes and the suspense in this episode is completely beyond the first two in season two.

Hayley finds Oliver and Lenore and they need to make it look like he was jumped causing Lenore to escape. Three of the Mikaelson brothers sit down to eat together but where is Kol? Finn's conversation with his brothers is more like scolding. Klaus also knows that Kol is the next Mikaelson brother to come and Klaus tries to throw a knife to Finn but fails.

Hayley has gained the trust of Lenore and she agrees to help them no matter what.

Meanwhile, the boys continue to bicker over dinner and Finn's nonstop verbal assault on his brothers does not phase them one bit.

Elijah tells Finn that he is like their father and as he wearies of arguing he asks where Esther is and just as it was planned, she appears.

Hayley is struggling to get Lenore everything she needs and Lenore tells her that she needs to take her time with such an important spell. Lenore tells Hayley that when Esther switches body again she will have a distinct marking on the back of her hand. Esther tries to convince the other Mikaelson boys that she has only been trying to protect them. Esther recounts when she found Klaus near dead after challenging his father.

She recounts him keeping that necklace no matter what but the necklace was actually a source of weakness. It was enchanted to keep him weak and when Klaus learns this he is completely enraged and tells his mother than she is everything he is.

Just then she passes out as if to have jumped bodies, and Finn is so upset he attacks both his brothers.

Just then, the hour glass breaks and Lenore shows a strange side, when Hayley asks her if she is ok, she notices a mark on the back of her hand. Esther is now in Lenore's body!

Elijah and Klaus have awaken and are in dire need to find out where their mother is. Klaus tells Elijah that their mother came up with the evening to torture them and vanished. They realized that Hayley is the real target to be destroyed.

That way Esther will punish Klaus and Elijah. Esther talks to Hayley about what she is going through and Lenore offers her the ability to give up being a hybrid and jump to a new body.

She offers her a new opportunity to move on and just then, Klaus and Elijah walk in. Esther says that she has come to heal their family not harm them.

She begins a strong spell and tells them to ask Hayley of what she offers. She shows her strength and tells them that one day they will beg for what she is offering. Everything seems to be over and Klaus, Hayley and Elijah are all trying to figure everything out.

Hayley looks to be thinking very hard on the tempting offer that Esther made her.

She also shows how hurt she is that it takes her being in danger for Elijah to talk to her.

The brothers are now alone and Elijah tells Klaus that he is the strongest of all the family being able to stand up to both Mikael and Esther.

Elijah heads to see his disciple Gia, he asks her if she is playing and she tells him that since she turned she is unable to play. He tells her that it is different.

Elijah gives her a quick run down of all that comes with being a vampire and inspires her to play again as she becomes a little more emotional.

He tells her that she can learn the joy again and that he will help her. When she asks why he tells her that if someone had done so for him things would be different.

Marcel talks to Gia and he figures out that Gia has fallen right into Marcel's plan.

Finn and Esther discuss what the purpose of the dinner was and she tells him that she will systematically destroy everything that they love.

Esther says that she will take their pride and joy and when they are at their lowest point, they will have no choice but to beg her to release them from the pain and she will, because she loves them.

Hayley now has huge target on her.

"Every Mother's Son" shakes up the second season of "The Originals" as the French Quarter is rocked with a new revelation about Klaus. Witches continue to reign as they are now being sought out by the Mikaelson brothers for protection. Fans who want to see what happens in next weeks sexy and dark episode of "The Originals" can tune in next Monday at 8 P.M. on CWTV. Those looking for a little more than just the show can head over to it's homepage at