'The Originals' Danielle Campbell's Vacation Photos Will Blow You Away

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The CW TV stars are really making it a case to use their time off to explore the world and Danielle Campbell's European trip alongside co-star Maisie Richardson-Sellers comes with some photos that will blow you way.

Last week we reported that the two would be reuniting once again and they are making sure they get lost in prime European fashion. In the post below Campbell shared a video of her and Sellers lost in Santorini, Greece but assured the fans that she didn't mind one bit because of how "pretty" it was there.

She soon followed that post with a slew of beautiful shots from Greece. The shots included breathtaking landscapes, boat rides, shots of Oai, Greece as well as Sellers and some four-legged friends.

Beautiful beautiful Santorini

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Campbell and Sellers look to have gotten quite close during their time on "The Originals." The fact that Campbell takes some time to fly out to meet her co-star and that they've managed to begin a trip across Europe shows that a pretty strong bond has been built. Campbell's character Davina will be on a rampage come season three after being betrayed by all of the Mikaelson's and her father figure Marcel.

Meanwhile, Sellers' character Rebekah is on the move with her real body available just incase she decides to jump vessels again.

There hasn't been many reports regarding Sellers' status for season three but it's hard to think of a season of "The Originals" without Rebekah Mikaelson, whether she's being played by Sellers or Claire Holt.

Check out all of the beautiful vacation photos below.

Who doesn't love a boat ride?

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Maz making friends in Greece

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No filter needed

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Stunning hikes to volcanos

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