'The Originals' Danielle Campbell Enjoys October Festivities: Instagram Posts To Prove It

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From carving pumpkins to frozen hot chocolate "The Originals" go to witch, Danielle Campbell looks to be enjoying the month of October the way it should be enjoyed.

The 19-year-old Campbell took to her Instagram account this week to show how she is celebrating the month of October.

It all began with the season premiere of "The Originals" over two weeks and now she is getting into the fall and Halloween spirit by carving up a couple of pumpkins with her friend.

We carved pumpkins #happyoctober

A photo posted by Danielle Campbell (@thedaniellecampbell) on

Campbell also took some time to relax an enjoy a little popcorn and managed to make it look really awesome.

Sporting "not real glasses" as she calls it and she cozies up for a IG photo for her followers.

Campbell also spent time in New York and while she enjoyed the NYC rain she also enjoyed getting to see Vincent Van Gogh's masterpiece "Starry Night."

It's amazing. Finally saw it!! #VanGogh #TheSarryNight #Bucketlist

A photo posted by Danielle Campbell (@thedaniellecampbell) on

After a rainy day filled with art, Campbell settled down at a NYC restaurant to enjoy a frozen hot chocolate.

Quite the tasty contradiction but Davina, we mean, Campbell seems to enjoy it very much as she referred to it as "serendipitous."

Only in #NYC the frozen hot chocolate was serendipitous!

A photo posted by Danielle Campbell (@thedaniellecampbell) on

Campbell is pretty active on her social media and interaction with fans. Most of her posts come towards the airing of "The Originals" on The CW Tuesdays.

She tweets at the beginning of the show, sometime during the middle and finally ends things asking fans what they thought of the episode.

Her reception since her appearance on the show has continued to grow and it looks like there is no stopping this young star.