Is 'The Originals' Danielle Campbell Channeling Angelina Jolie?: Which Witch?

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Playing a witch on "The Originals" vs playing a witch in "Maleficent" can be a hard comparison but Danielle Campbell seems to have a women crush on Angelina Jolie.


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Campbell posted a photo to her Instagram account last week to show fans who her women crush Wednesday would be every time. The photo shows a young and seductive Jolie as she poses for a candid shot.

Jolie played the wicked witch in "Maleficent" as she terrified a land, however, Campbell's character in "The Originals" is a little more on the good side.

Though in the second season so far her character seems to be going after Klaus for the pain her caused her fans can tell that her instincts are always to good.


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Davina does get pretty intense when she needs to as she takes on many enemies week by week.

Her new on screen crush happens to be Kaleb (Daniel Sharman) and it looks like he may have other things in mind for the little witch.

While both Campbell and Jolie are able to channel their inner witch on screen, there is a slight resemblance in the dark hair and emphasis on the lips with the shades of red lipsticks both sport.

If there is anyone for a young actress to crush on Jolie is certainly not a bad one at all.

Fans can see Campbell tonight and be their own judge on how much she takes to Jolie, as she helps keep Mikael from tearing into Klaus on "The Originals" on The CW.

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