'The Originals' Daniel Gillies Shares Some Humorous Gems On Social Media

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He may have staked his on-screen bother in "The Originals" this week but Daniel Gillies is still managing to flex his awesome sense of humor on social media sharing a few gems with his fans.

The first piece that Gillies shared was what seemed like a playful conversation between he and co-star Joseph Morgan who plays Klaus Mikaelson on "The Originals" (for anyone in "The Originals" fandom living under a rock).

It's a hilarious exchange where Gillies is hinting to the third season of "The Originals" and what seems to be a heightened role for himself with a bit of a smaller or subdued role from Morgan.

Either way it's always great when fans see a relationship between two stars off-screen.

The second gem comes in the form of a photo of Gillies and his co-stars next to a shrine for Jesus. The shot shows varying facial expressions and makes for a fun backstage moment and the best part is, the same Jesus happens to be in the possession of Gillies iPhone.

Meanwhile, he continued to flex his sense of humor by retweeting a funny meme of four students who created a date-rape drug detector. His comments on it? "Hereos."

Gillies is often seen as an uptight character on "The Originals," but outside of it he reveals himself as one of the wittiest stars on social media.

By the way, the last tweet shown below is pretty self explanatory. See what happens next week when "The Originals" returns with Klaus in a state of sleep.