'The Originals' Daniel Gillies Quiet On Social Media Even After Monday's Thrilling Episode

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It is without a doubt that the most impressive performance in "The Originals" came from Joseph Morgan, Daniel Sharman and Daniel Gillies and with a huge shocker that took place, Gillies has yet to address the episode on social media.

Gillies last tweet came on January 12 as he mentioned Willem Dafoe and an O Magazine cover.

It isn't strange for Gillies to be taking a bit of a break but with the incredible acting and dialogues that were featured in Monday's episode of "The Originals" followed by Elijah sacrificing himself for the sake of baby Hope, Hayley and his brother it's surprising that he wouldn't have something to say about it for his fans.

There could be reasons for his silence, a busy schedule, a Twitter break as celebrities normally take or there could be another twist in "The Originals" that he just does not want to go away.

Either way his sacrifice was a turning point in the entire season because if it has worked, Finn/Vincent has been dealt with and Elijah is now gone.

Could the show really be teasing it's fans into making them believe that he is gone?

Christine Distasio does an excellent job of debunking the notion to bring a little comfort to those who may be mourning the loss of Gillies' character in her Bundle article.

"Here's the deal, my fellow, astute Originals fans -- very few things can kill and Original vampire," writes Distasio. "And, though he might still be dealing the after-effects of Esther torturing him, Elijah is still an Original.

Which means, obviously, that fire can't kill him because the only thing that can really kill an Original is the White Oak stake.

So, Elijah may have put himself in some serious danger and harm to protect Hope from Finn, but he's certainly not dead."

It's safe to say that fans are still waiting to find out the truth behind Elijah's sacrifice nonetheless and won't be relieved until they finally see him return to the show or until they are addressed by Gillies himself.