'The Originals' Daniel Gillies & Joseph Morgan Comedic Treats for Fans

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They may be stars of The Originals but Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgansure know how to have fun offscreen.

How often is it that you find a show so deeply rooted in love stories, romance, vampirism and constant battle with villains but manage to see the stars outside of the show act zany and comedic?

Last week Gillies used his sense of humor to promote a t-shirt that was created to help the fight against hunger.

He, Paul Wesley and Wesley's girlfriend and The Originals star Phoebe Tonkin had a hilarious Twitter/Instagram war and this week he teamed up with Joseph Morgan to brighten the days of his fans once again.

As Gillies continues to promote his t-shirt, he has been coming up with a couple of clever and comedically sarcastic posts that had fans lacing the comments with laughing emojis. Take the one below for example.

Gillies had his face photoshopped onto an Ironman suit. However, the real fun came in the caption.

"Robert danny gillies. aka - iron dan aka - get a t-shirt with me here: represent.com/danielgillies and help @actionagainsthunger fight their war against world famine. It took @therealjosephmorgan and I two terrible hours to get me into this and the fire department of conyers just under 4 to remove it.

In a way, you owe me. I did this for your amusement. I wanted to sell T-Shirts," said Gillies.

"Tragically - I couldn't get into the shirt once I was in. I was far too f*king huge in the body armor.

Anyhoo -- tell everyone you know. Let's kick the sh*t out of famine. Love and filth, dg"

The second photo featured Gillies co-star Morgan who was all about helping his friend and on-screen brother with promoting the t-shirt.

"Get this t-shirt and fight world hunger with me here: represent.com/danielgillies. As you can see @therealjosephmorgan was ecstatic to help. Our producers are not so delighted that Elijah has chosen to wear the t-shirt in every scene; whatever the time period.

Scenes shot during the Middle Ages were particularly hilarious. Stay tuned, you delicious reprobates. dg," read the caption of the second photo.

Gillies is pushing his cause through humor and it's a very smart tactic and also part of his nature if you've been a long time fan of his, you know he's really a jokester outside of the serious and subdued tone he brings to Elijah Mikaelson.

You can catch both Gillies and Morgan when The Originals returns for season three just two weeks from now on Thursday, October 8.

A photo posted by dg (@mr.danielgillies) on

A photo posted by dg (@mr.danielgillies) on