The Originals 'Chasing The Devil's Tail' Recap, S2 EP7, Kaleb Lets Davina In On A Secret

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With a display of brotherly love, Klaus was able to rescue Elijah from Esther's control last week, but he is still suffering and now Klaus must find a cure in "Chasing The Devil's Tail," the seventh episode of the second season of "The Originals."

With Klaus' unaware that his child is alive and very much in danger, will Rebekah be able to keep Hope safe?

Tonight, Klaus is on a mad search to cure his brother from his affliction caused by their mother. It looks like Esther really did have their best interest in mind as fans learned her sister will now be after baby Hope who is in the care of Rebekah.

As their brother Finn or Vincent grows stronger, Klaus, Hayley, Marcel, Cami and Josh must now come together to stop him.

Meanwhile, Vincent and Kaleb begin to devise a master plan on their own but will Davina help them in their path of destruction?

It all kicks off with a flashback of Klaus and Elijah as they run through the woods. Young Elijah meets up with his older bloodthirsty counterpart, at least that is what the affliction has him believing.

Klaus talks to his brother and trie to persuade him by telling him he is not alone and that he wants to help.

Just as Klaus is wearing tried, Hayley startles him and he explains to him that he is trying to break her spell.

Hayley spots an area on Elijah that has a familiar look and goes out to find the remedy to Elijah's state.

Hayley speaks to the unconscious Elijah and tells him that she will go after everything that her mother loves. Oliver is put to rest as Jackson watches him sail on. No one shows up for the funeral and Jackson is completely upset.

Hayley tells Jackson that there is a war to be fought and that she will wait for him to grieve but their people need their alpha. Hayley brings the next best thing in a younger werewolf to try to pose a plan to take down Vincent.

Hayley the young wolf and Marcel now have to contact Cami due to Vincent's attraction to her.

As Cami discusses her thoughts against Klaus with Vincent in a continued attempt to alter his trail on her. Cami asks for a new counselor because she wants to get close to Vincent and when things get a little awkward, he accepts by inviting her to a jazz concert. Meanwhile, Davina is practicing her magic in a mirror and Kaleb breaks her concentration.

Davina seems upset with him despite a seemingly attractive feeling with her.

Kaleb admits that he is trying to charm her but he can't share his secrets unless they trust each other.

Kaleb gives her to go ahead to call him Cole but somewhere back home his mother is calling him to return home.

Esther believes that when Elijah wakes up the brothers will realize all that is at stake and join her. Klaus is rummaging about the woods in search for the ingredients for an antidote but he smells his real father who has been following him along the way.

Klaus says that he does not want to take his mother's offer and asks his real father to piss off.

However, Ansel tells him that he was the one who would find the orchids for his mother in his younger years.

Davina and Cole take a drive back to the quarter as he has been summoned by his mother.

Cole tells her that he loved everything about being a vampire and when he lost it all he tried to get back all that was lost in magic.

Davina is continued to be wooed but Cole as he tells her that the flirting was his idea not his mothers.

Josh, Cami, Marcel and Hayley are plotting against Vincent. She brings them a box with some chains that are said to bind witches and hold them from doing magic. Hayley double checks with Cami to see if she is ok about being the bait; she agrees.

Klaus and Ansel walk together much to Klaus' disdain.

The two hash out the past and Ansel tells him that one day he realized that he would need him as well as the fact that he fought Mikael for him.

His father sees Klaus' good nature and has always done so as he was there for every step in his life.

Cole returns to his mother and when she tells him that Mikael is back he acts surprised but she already knows he is hiding something. Cole is very safe and smart with his answer but his mother still demands the white oak stake and tells him she doesn't care what he has to do to get it.

The relationship between Ansel and Klaus is suffering due to Ansel's absence but it is possible that Ansel could be the fighter they need to defeat Mikael.

When the time comes to take on Esther it is hard to see Ansel standing against a woman he once loved. Cole and Davina's crush is very interesting because she does seem interested how will that affect her decision making?

The walk between the father and son continue but run into a snag when they are met with a vervain trap. Ansel questions Klaus' cowardly ways but he refuses to entertain him and tells him to gather the orchids seeing as he can't. Cole tells Davina about his playground when he was little and he needs her blood to open the tomb to gain what he wanted.

Davina obliges him and the two enter his own personal vault of dark objects.

He taught them how to make dark objects and Cole says that he just wants to take down Klaus.

She tells him the daggers don't work on Klaus and he asks her to make it work so that he won't be entirely dead and her friends can be safe.

Meanwhile at the jazz festival Cami and Vincent are enjoying the music as she continues to try to dig deeper. She receives a phone call and tells him she has to take it. She leaves and Vincent is left alone and just as he looks away he enters a trap set by Cami and her team.

It was made to appears that she was attacked but it was all a joke and when he turns around, Cami is gone.

Meanwhile, Klaus and his father continue their bond around a fire as his father tries to convince to embrace his true side of being a werewolf.

Ansel continues to feed Klaus stories of him watching over him when he was younger and he even tells Klaus that his child is still alive!

Vincent tries to seek information for the young wolf that is helping the rest of the team. While Cami's wound mends, Josh and his wolfy love interest seem closer which makes for better team vibe. Cami and Hayley discuss what is going on with Klaus and seem calm for now. Cole and Davina are trying to forge new daggers that will enable them to dagger Klaus they way he did with gold.

He continues to joke and try to charm her and when he pulls out a diamond the hold hands so they can draw power from each other. It seems to have worked igniting a flame and maybe something even more between the two.

He insists that together the two of them will change everything.

Klaus and Ansel have a brief moment of understanding, but Klaus refuses to take on his father's offer. Ansel tells Klaus that he wants to defend his daughter but Klaus says that he has waited to long to try to save him and his new family.

Klaus vows to save and keep safe his daughter from all enemies he walks towards his father to try to end his connection by what it seems to be an attack and eventually murdering his true father.

Klaus seems to be completely over the edge with emotions racing all over.

Davina readies to leave and Cole dives into her mind and charm her by tucking her in. Vincent approaches his wolf and it seems that he has found out the plan as he attacks him and wipes out Josh as well. Hayley takes Vincent down for a moment and she continues to attack him.

They exchange words as he makes a break to try to kill Hayley, that is, until Jackson comes in a drives a few arrows into him. Cami finishes it all off by applying the shackles and trapping Vincent.

Klaus returns to his ailing brother's side and talks to him before applying the remedy. He tells him that the bloodlust was forced upon them by their parents and that they are the demons lurking in shadows.

They are the savage villains, however, for Hope, he wants the two of them to be her knights in shining armor.

He begs for his brother to awake. He hands him the remedy in what makes for one of the most touching brotherly moments that the tow have had and Elijah awakens startled and confused.

Hayley talks to Jackson about how he found her and saved her. She thanks him for helping them and he declares how much Oliver made him believe in her. Hayley tells Jackson that she wasn't the one he was waiting for but he says that she is better.

Klaus now has a little competition, however, he is now concerned with filling Elijah in on his meeting with Ansel. Klaus is a mess right now and he hands Elijah a book of art that his father once had.

The book features a drawing of a young Elijah and Klaus tells him that he wanted to trust his father but he couldn't and he killed him without hesitation.

Elijah asks who he killed him for and Klaus stares at him to which Elijah says "whatever innocence remains, we must protect it."

Esther sees her love has been killed by Klaus and Cole watches over Davina until Marcel walks in. Elijah suits up in his formal attire, but his memories are haunting him from what he was shown. Davina awakens and she is hurt again to realize that Cole has left.

Esther walks in and begins to work a spell on Cami and it looks like she may not survive. Klaus and Elijah plot on their mother's revenge and they have been brought Cole and Finn in chains.

It looks as if Rebekah will return in next weeks episode of "The Originals." Hayley is at a crossroads with Jackson. Klaus and Elijah are more psychologically unstable than ever.

Esther has had enough of Klaus and Cami is in danger.

Davina is alone once again and the other Mikaelson brothers have been captured. In a large turn of events it looks like mayhem is about to erupt in the quarter, especially with Mikael still alive.

"Chasing The Devil's Tail" brings brand new revelations to The Quarter and makes life a lot more interesting for Klaus in "The Originals." Elijah afflictions caused him widespread pain and suffering physically, emotionally and psychologically. Kaleb and Davina are now and team but when Davina is face to choose between Kaleb and Marcel whose side will she be on? The evolution of the series has made "The Originals" a strong competitor against the parent series "The Vampire Diaries." Fans of "The Originals" can tune in next Monday at 8 P.M. on CWTV to see a return of the Mikaelson sister Rebekah. Those looking for a little more than just the show can head over to it's homepage at