The Originals 'Brotherhood of the Damned' Recap, Season 2 Episode 11, Davina's Quest To Save Kaleb

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Young Davina tries to save Kaleb in "Brotherhood of the Damned," the eleventh episode in the second season of "The Originals." Vincent is still on his rampant path to take out his brothers and sister especially Klaus and Elijah but does he succeed?

Vincent manages to trap Klaus and Elijah using a spell he created with the new power of Esther and Mikael running through him. Davina needs help from the Originals in hopes to aid Kol/Kaleb in his state of entrapment. Marcel has the task of trying to reason with his vampires who are still under a spell that increases their thirst for blood.

In doing so, Marcel revisits his days as soldier during WWI. Hayley and Jackson have decided to take the plunge into marriage but things get a little crazy when they have to participate in some strange and dangerous rituals before they can be joined in wolf and hybrid matrimony.

The show kicks off in a church and the color red seems to be a major symbol. Klaus tells Marcel that he can't find Vincent/Finn anywhere and without Finn he can't save him. Marcel drops the bomb that he was bitten by a werewolf when while trying to separate them from his kind.

Klaus vows to get him out of the courtyard and also to get him his blood to save him. Marcel has a flashback of an angry Klaus cursing Marcel for going out to active duty for WWI.

Kol and Marcel meet to discuss the ceremony outside and a plan to keep him alive. Annoyingly enough Kol plays on Marcel's nerve but is cautioned against playing any further. Kol is using Davina as his way to ensure his help from Marcel but he shouldn't abuse it.

Marcel is really suffering under the spell and continues to have a flashback to when a fellow army member Joe, realized he wasn't human.

His troupe was called the "Brotherhood of the Damned," which relates directly to the title of the episode. Marcel's companions looked to him for leadership and now his pack of vampires are looking to him for the same assistance.

This episode is a roller coaster ride and was extremely fast paced.

Hayley and Jackson's ceremony now holds more meaning than her love for Elijah, their daughter is now at stake once again and now Finn will stop at nothing to figure out what the one big secret is to gain the upper hand.

Klaus and Davina are arguing over where Kol stands. He is hurrying her up to figure out where he is and where he is getting his power from in order for them to save everyone including Kol. Davina sees his location and also tells Klaus that he is channeling the power from his parents. Klaus and Davina try to make their way to Finn, but something goes wrong, Klaus collapses.

Meanwhile, Cami and Elijah try to figure out what has been going on with him since his run in with Esther. Cami begins questioning him about the red door, a door to a slaughterhouse.

He says it's a metaphor for a place of unspeakable deeds.

Elijah says that those deeds are concealed by the red door but it's also where the first woman he loved, Tatia, was killed by him.

He does not wish for Klaus to figure out his secret and just when Cami pushes on, Elijah breaks into his veiled state.

Kol runs into some trouble but when he ruffles some feathers for his own safety, Marcel shows up and in that instant Kol collapses. Now that all the brothers have collapsed, they are trapped in an alternate universe outside of their body and the man behind it all happens to be Finn.

Hayley and Jackson make sure that all of their wolves have given up their rings so that they could have Hayley's power which will help them during the full moon.

Davina begins slapping Klaus to wake him up but she can't seem to reach him.

Davina answers Klaus' phone only to learn that all of the brothers are trapped and she has no idea how to help. Finn refers to the place all of the brothers have been assembled as a prison. Klaus asks Finn why they are in the prison and he tells them that he wants them to know what it feels like to be powerless.

Finn plans on unleash Marcel and the rest of the vampires on the marchers celebrating in the quarter. Marcel is busying trying to keep Josh and his other vampires away from Kol, especially when Finn makes Kols body very vulnerable.

Marcel is summoned back to his headquarters in a flashback and to his surprise it's Klaus who greets him. Klaus has brought Marcel some blood for him to feed on but when Klaus asks him to come home he walks out on him.

Klaus tells him his place is at home but Marcel says that he belongs with the people who are fighting for him.

Josh and Gia learn that Marcel has be bitten by a werwolf and they aren't seeing him as much of a leader at the moment.

The blood rage is growing within the vampires and Marcel looks to be losing his way slowly.

Klaus, Elijah and Kol are still stuck in their brother's prison and Kol continues to beg to get back to his body. Finn leads Kol back to his body after he reveals that he is the only one who knows where Rebecca is. Kol tells Marcel of Finn's plan to have Marcel and his vampires feed through the whole crowd of marchers.

Even under adversity, Marcel tells Kol that everyone is getting out of their situation alive. Jackson and Hayley hike up to meet a very important family member.

She rushes to prepare them for their pre-martial ceremony. The ritual will expose any lies that one another may have but Hayley refuses to participate in the ceremony, most likely due to her feelings for Elijah.

Finn asks Klaus why he chose to murder his true father. Finn realizes that Klaus has someone he cares for more than Rebecca and Elijah. He knows that he is hiding something big and something dark. Klaus tries to derail locomotive Finn from prying but it doesn't work.

Hayley begins walking away from Jackson and the reasoning behind it is the fact that she lived with the Original family whose secrets she also has to keep. Jackson tells her that her secrets and his secrets are intertwined and she would never have to fight them alone.

Moving away from her better judgement she takes his hand.

Gia tells Marcel that he lied to his vampires and betrayed them and questions how he could lead them. Marcel flashes back to an injured Joe who asks him to turn everyone in the troupe in order for them to stand a chance during war. Back in the present Marcel apologizes to his vampires and promises that what he is doing will only make them stronger.

Marcel is trying to keep them from breaking the code of feeding on locals.

Gia reveals that he is dying but Marcel shakes it off with more reasoning as he readies them for the veil to be dropped unleashing them into the public. They realize the veil is down and Marcel marches them out.

Finn continues to verbally torture his brother with the scene of a bloody French Quarter but Elijah comes up with some pretty interesting information. Elijah chooses this one time to tell Klaus that he killed Tatia and how he killed her as well. This is all in hopes that the walls will breakdown in the universe Finn has created.

Klaus does the one thing that no one deemed him capable of, forgiveness.

He forgives Elijah for killing Tatia and just like that Finn's world begins to fall apart. Klaus and Elijah awaken before they can get to Finn to destroy him in his own world.

Klaus tells Davina that he has to go immediately and she agrees to accompany him as he tries to save the people of the French Quarter. Marcel marches through the crowd with his vampires but just like he did in WWI, he manages to inspire them and to tell them they are a family as well as in total control over their hunger.

Marcel emerges as a born leader, even more than he was in season one. He is struggling with his bite and collapses in front of his vampire family not too far from their safe-haven.

Klaus and Davina rush to try to help Marcel but they can't seem to find him. However, Kol and Davina are united very much to her delight. Marcel is safe and Gia tells him that she is sorry for being a pain.

Finn appears and tells Marcel that he has his people under a spell and threatens to rip Klaus' secret out of Marcel. Klaus alerts Elijah on the lost state of Marcel at the moment but urges him to stay put.

The secret of Hope is still alive and when Klaus learns that it may be in jeopardy because of Hayley and Jackson's ritual.

Klaus learns their location and rushes off to stop Hayley before she unleashes the secret that needs to be kept from Finn in order to keep them all safe.

"The Originals" unleashes yet another episode with an epic and dynamic storyline. "Brotherhood of the Damned" is another installment geared to the treachery in the Mikaelson family.

This week Kaleb/Kol and Davina's love story develops a bit more while Rebekah's state was not touched upon, only that Kol knows where she is.

Klaus, Elijah, Hayley, Rebekah, Cami, Marcel, Davina, Kaleb and Finn continue their respective fights and quarrels whether it is internal or with each other. Fans can see what happens next week on The CW's hit series "The Originals."