Orange Is The New Black Reviews Are In... More Please

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Orange Is The New Black season two was released on June 6th, and two weeks later, many fans of the show have gotten through the whole season.

Now most viewers stayed up until 3am a couple nights in a row to finish it, but for the rest of us "normies", we're just finished with the season. The Twitter reviews are in, and they are glowing.

This season, the series took a number of turns (spoiler alert) toward the dark. The big feature of this season is "V", who is a ruthless cunning business woman who is more about control of her followers over just about anything else. There are alot of ups and downs with the plot lines and the character evolution is strong beyond the main story of Piper.

At the end of the season, "V" has lost all of her crew and all of her product.

She remained as manipulative as always, but her eerie presence makes for a stomach churning story-line (in a good way). Won't give away the last 20 minutes, time for you to get a Netflix account.

Frankly, it's tough to go over everything that happened in the season, but it certainly lived up to the several months of hype leading up to the Netflix release. Now it looks like we have to wait forever for the next season, which has been green lighted by the way (big surprise).

There is no release date yet, but we'll all have to put in the back of heads until the time comes. We're thinking June of next year... but who knows, it's all speculation at this point.

Check out some of the Twitter reviews flowing everyday:

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