Summer madness: The Silent Disco

Since I'm saying goodbye to summer, I might as well share some of my experience with you all. This summer I tried to gain all I can out of my NYC experience.

Googling all the cool things to do whether free or fare.

I did the outdoor movie which was awesome, I did the party boats, and just about all the food NYC has to offer. But the highlight of my summer happened when my date and I had a cool day at the park, but was still unsatisfied with the day. So she hit the Google and typed away, we saw nothing. So I had called up a friend who was out and about frequently. He was hardly wrong.

So when I called him he had told us about an outdoor party that was playing disco. I informed my date.

Reluctant at first, we Googled destination duration, had a last minute look for anything else... and hesitantly dragged ourselves there.

Walking slowly, like we were being lured to a death trap, we dragged our feet to where we heard music and voices "whooooing" and screaming. When we saw the amount of people outside we were surprised. The amount of people that were out smiling and gliding back forth was very attractive. My mood started to change a bit. Then the MC announced something inaudible but it looked like the party was finished.

I was so disappointed. I then saw a bunch of partiers running towards a booth where they were selling or giving something away, so I grabbed one of them and asked what was going on.

They informed me that if you wanted to continue dancing/partying all you had to do was rent these cool headphones and they would play music and you would dance the night away. huh? I'm confused.

So, I spend my money to get headphones, to dance. No thanks. The helpful and eager person skipped away to get their pair. But as I looked back at everyone dancing it was like a scene out of a movie. There were people dancing and all you can hear was laughter and the sound of feet shuffling. I quickly found myself in line to get my headphones. I put them on and ran to the arena to get amidst the action, grabbed my partners hands and the night was a fight I couldn't win. Donna Summers, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder.

The most awesome thing about this party was that there were 2 DJ'S and on the headphones... 2 different channels. So when you're not pleased with what one DJ was playing you can switch to the next. I was in heaven.
There were parts of the night I felt like I was floating.

As a social butterfly there needs to be more of this. Parties that are age appropriate, themed, fun, well planned. My summer after this moment was complete. After this night my heart was screaming loud for the silent disco.