Drake vs Macklemore, Donald Sterling, Lance Stephenson

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Drake and OVO have had quite the busy week and as he hosted the ESPY's last night he fired a few fun shots along the way.

First order of business is he jab at Macklemore who beat both Drake and favorite to win, Kendrick Lamar for the Best Rap Album Grammy while at the same time, sending adoration Kevin Durants' way. Drizzy says, "KD, I know you hear me.

I know you understand me. Real talent doesn't always win championships, like real music doesn't always win Grammys."

Drake saw the perfect opportunity to air out his frustration and took it now will there be a response from Macklemore?

Remember when Chris Brown and Drake argued over Rihanna for months on end? Well looks like the two are agreeing to let bygones be bygones, first spotted in the studio in a picture that surfaced earlier this week and last night the two joined forces to bring fans and viewers a funny skit featuring the LA Clippers' Blake Griffin.

So as he mends one relationship it's only right that he initiates a new beef with Macklemore.

One of the funniest moments at last nights award's honoring outstanding athletes came when Drizzy began singing and was captured on the "Lance Cam" blowing into for Indiana Pacers player Lance Stephenson's ear. If you paid any attention to the 2014 NBA playoffs you would have seen Stephenson blowing into Lebron James' ear during the game.

Drake turned that situation into his advantage as some of his lighter music plays well into a situation such as that one.

The highlight of the night has to be Drake's "Side Pieces," featuring R&B legend Brian McKnight. This mini song not only takes shots at what has been speculated in the sports for years as players have often be accused of having women on the side if you will whenever they are away from home, but it also takes a huge shot at the Donald Sterling situation with his alleged mistress V. Stiviano, who exposed him for making alleged racially charged comments.

In 2014 so much has already happened in sports and Drake used it to his advantage.

It worked for the event and fans can be sure that it will be all of the talk for the weekend as fans assess the situation between Drake and Macklemore.