TV Review: Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 2 "Prove It"

Chicago Fire does interesting things with their stories: some that seem like they'll finish up quickly go on pretty long, while others you think will drag on resolve themselves quite fast.

It's a fun game to try and gauge how they'll handle certain things, because they tend to do a good job of keeping the audience on their toes.

"Prove It" finds us following the direct aftermath of Heather Darden's DUI accident. Casey honored his commitment to Heather at the scene, and is taking care of her kids waiting to hear what's going to happen to her. The other major story, the arson targeting Severide, plays out through this episode as well. At the beginning of the episode, Severide goes into the arson investigations department and tells the person there that one of the men his father Benny put away set similar fires. Also, that same person was released just before these new fires were set.

The arc of this idea which ran 3 scenes - intro, shoving match scene, scene with Benny shooting down Severide's idea, could have been boiled down to one. It was used too much as a red herring here - happening way too early in the episode to attempt to throw the audience off so the actual reveal at the end was surprising.

The whole idea (revenge against the Severide's), was already being hinted at.

If they had done just a sit down scene with Benny and Severide, they could have had Benny shoot down Severide's idea and still continue the complicated relationship vibe between the two of them.

The arson story takes a turn when Severide is showing part of the firehouse to one of Heather Darden's children, and finds himself explaining the map that every firehouse has - showing where all the dangerous buildings are in the city. Now he doesn't come out and say it, but it's obvious what he's thinking when they have him do a quadruple take at the map. I'm not exactly sure if they wanted the audience to know that the arsonist is/was a firefighter then, but I picked it up instantly.

It threw me off a little that Severide waited until after the Mills restaurant fire to bring it up. But hey, maybe he wanted to mull it around for awhile.

After all, Severide did have to contest with the return of Renee, played by Sarah Shahi. Now, this story ended up pretty predictable like I said it would in my last review, for multiple reasons. Just like I stated earlier, it didn't seem logical that it would be Severide's kid based on the timetable. Also, the fact that Sarah Shahi recently joined Person of Interest on CBS full-time was a strong indicator that it wasn't his kid, and Renee wouldn't be around for long. It's bittersweet, because Shahi did great work here, especially in this episode where she has to digest Severide confronting her. Chicago Fire on all levels is a stronger show than Person of Interest, so it's a shame that Shahi seems to be gone indefinitely.

She absolutely raised the bar for guest stars on this show. Although predictable, it ended nicely - with Severide agreeing to move in again with Shay. It helped to again showcase their real friendship: people will come and go in and out of their lives, but when it all comes down to it - they've got each other.

Much like Shay and Dawson's close friendship, I applaud the writers for keeping the relationship between Shay and Severide platonic as well.

Shay mentions she has an in with a Realtor, who she played some mental chess with earlier trying to see if she was a lesbian.

Love interest down the line perhaps? Maybe their relationship gets Shay/Severide's lease voided later on?

After the Mills restaurant fire turns out to be set as well, Severide confronts Hadley, a former firefighter on 51 who he remembers going on similar calls with. Being "edged" out of the firehouse seems like a shaky explanation for becoming a serial arsonist.

I would think there has to be some kind of psychosis going on. However it's early and it's just been introduced so let's see where it goes.

I have mixed feelings about McLeod, who shows up again. It's a lot of the same - threatening to replace Boden, which won't happen.

But hey, the group knows there is a snitch in the firehouse, and they all think it's Clark. Hopefully they blackmail McLeod outta here.

Casey waiting on news about Heather's DUI arrest takes a quick dark turn. Dawson's Detective brother Antonio shows up, and informs Casey that Heather's friend Jen didn't survive the accident. Now Heather would be facing a manslaughter charge. A manslaughter charge she ends up copping a guilty plea for, in exchange for a fifteen month reduced sentence.

Because she was facing 5-10 yrs, I can see why she did it. It provided another opportunity for a nice "we're family" scene at the firehouse, with everyone letting Casey know they'll help take care of Heather's kids while she's inside.

Like Casey's mom, let's hope they write her out once she gets out of jail. She's an annoying character that does nothing but drag Casey down, and it would be unrealistic for someone like Dawson not to say something.

Oh yeah - the guy Dawson was flirting with opens the bar cash register while she's out of the room. Creepy.

Overall, a very strong episode. Quick side note - knowing the Chicago PD spin-off is coming, it was great to see Dawson's detective brother Antonio show up.

I'm excited to check that show out when it airs, and see what kind of cross-pollination they do with all the actors between the two shows.

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