Teen Wolf "The Benefactor" Recap, Season 4 Episode 4

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In "The Benefactor," the fourth episode for the season, Lydia receives some unwelcomed guest and Derek does his best to track down a killer.

This weeks episode pulls upon the strings of last weeks "The Muted," as more information of the mysteries surrounding Kate and the tomahawk wielding killer with no mouth.

Scott now has to come to terms with what he has done to Liam in order to save him he has created another wolf, and he also has to think about the threat that was given to him by the Mexican hunter who told him he would have to worry when he bites the innocent.

The episode starts out with Sheriff Stilinski and Stiles talking about the experts to investigate the story. Derek then appears and they discuss the crime scene as Derek senses Liam's presence was there and also senses his blood.

Liam is tied up with duck tape and found in Scotts bathtub as he is joined by a completely surprised Stiles, they think about what to do.

As they rip the tape off of Liam's mouth, they try to give him a very rapid rundown of what is going on and why Scott bit him. They break the news that what happened will either change him or kill him.

Liam is not taking the news very well and the three begin a hilarious fight in which Liam manages to escape.

Uncle Peter is met by the assassin who seems to have taken him out, in a seemingly last breath he calls for Derek to which the assassin says, "Don't worry Derek is next." As the full moon approaches Stiles chains up Malia in preparation.

His dad walks in to a very awkward scene.

Lydia and Kira try to decode her writing that was found in Malia's notebook and Lydia is presented with the keys to her mother's lake house. Liam is now at school being questioned by one of his friends who missed him on the bus and he is not in good shape. He sees Scott and immediately heads to class clearly dazed and confused as to what is going on.

Scott and Stiles try to reason with him. Scott tells him that they are brothers now and that the bite is a gift. The conversation just gets so awkward until Liam shows them that he is healing.

The pack meets up and discuss how they are going to help Liam get through the first full moon in his transition. They all elect Kira to lure Liam to the lake house and she immediately catches his attention briefly and then falls flat on her face.

She asks him to go to a party and the scene changes to Peter, who is alive but suffering from an axe wound that was laced with wolfsbane.

Derek helps treat his wound and Peter tells him that the attacker was after him.

Kira and Liam make their way to the "party" and all of his senses begin to accelerate. Stiles shows Scott evidence that Liam has anger issues and that was the real reason he was kicked out of school.

Just before the commercial break Liam is seeing himself through a side view mirror and it appears as if he is beginning to turn. This episode is so fast pace and everything is happening in the blink of an eye.

As Kira and Liam arrive at the lake house they enter and Liam already knows that things are going to be strange. He is met by the pack who tells him he has a problem and they are the only ones who can help. Derek and Sheriff Stilinski get some help from the deputy who seems to know a ton about tomahawks.

Everyone reveals their super powers, well, everyone except for Stiles.

As Liam's anger grows he begins to lose control and Liam's friends begin to arrive along with the entire school.

The pack now has to think very quickly and Lydia needs to throw a party at the last minute to distract everyone.

The deputy helps the Sheriff trace the prints on the Tomahawk, "The Benefactor" appears in the information they receive and it becomes clear that the killer really is an assassin. Kira and Scott try to calm Liam down and help him through his transition, just when it looks like he is about to turn Kira whacks him and knocks him out cold. Stiles is also in the basement but he is trying to help Malia get through the full moon as well.

Lydia faces a keg she didn't order and just when she was about to pay for it she sees Liam's friend heading upstairs.

Another party goer pays for the keg instead and Stiles continues to have a hard time with Malia but continues to talk her down.

The delivery man heads outside to find his tire slash but what makes it even worst is that he was turning into a werewolf when he was beheaded by a girl who seems to be a hunter. The party goer who paid for the Keg, is approached by the hunter just as he receives a message; now know who the benefactor is. Liam's friend wanders the halls and is approached by Lydia they have a conversation but the words are muted. She then drops her glass, spilling wine on the floor they continue to talk and the conversation is still muted.

He leaves and the door shuts blocking out all sound. Lydia now realizes there is something completely strange about the room she is in.

She begins to assess the room and finds an old school record player. As she plays the record there seems to be a message but it is hard to figure out, until the faces begin to appear in the walls.

Kira and Scott continue to watch over Liam and find it appropriate to take some romantic time out for themselves and slow dance under the moonlight. Kira asks Scott how he has mastered his control over turning and he says he is "indestractable." Their sweet moment is ruined as they hear Liam growl and is completely turned at this point. He breaks loose of his chains and escapes.

Stiles has the same issue with Malia who has also broken loose from one of her shackles.

Meanwhile, Derek and Sheriff Stilinski are back at the school and find traces of blood. They enter a classroom that was rigged with an explosive , the assassin appears and then proceeds to attack.

Stiles continues his relentless attempt to talk Malia down and control her from turning even further, he tells her that control is overrated approaches her and releases her. As soon as she is released she is back to normal and it appears as if his tactics have worked. Liam is still on the loose with Scott chasing him.

Scott is tackled by Liam and a scuffle begins, Liam is in a rage and tells Scott that it is all his fault.

Chris Argent, Allison's dad, comes in to save the day as he shoots a flare that blinds Liam momentarily, Argent helps Scott up and tells him he got his text message.

The attack continues at the school and Derek and the Sheriff try their best to fight the attacker. Derek is able to hold him back and while receiving his rights, Peter comes in and completely thrashes him, ripping the assassin to shreds. Chris gives Scott a tip as to where Liam can be found in a trap, once he reaches his aid Scott explains that he is experiencing the same thing that Scott did. kira finds Lydia who is mesmerized by the record and she says that she has the key to break the code.

Liam is fully caught up and explains that he can't get kicks out of school again because of his anger issues, and he doesnt want his parents to see him like a monster. Scott tells him he isn't a monster he's a werewolf like himself.

Lydia and Kira generate a list of supernatural beings in the town and they are all on the deathpool.

This episode is full of surprises there is literally a twist in ever scene that no one can see coming. Episodes like these remind viewers why Teen Wolf shares the immense mount of success that it has managed to build. The return of Chris Argent gives the pack another ally right when they need him.

Love interests between Malia and Stiles and Scott and Kira are evolving slowly but surely in each episode showing both friends finally at a great point when it comes to relationships.

Lydia continues her strange banshee moments that add mystery and suspense to the series.

For more Teen Wolf check out the after show, "Wolf Watch," following tonights episode. Also head over to MTV.com for all the latest cast interviews and tune in next Monday at 10PM to see what awaits the pack.