Teen Wolf "Muted" Recap, Season 4 Episode 3

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In "Muted," the third episode of "Teen Wolf" for the season, the pack battles their growing number of problems, all while Scott and Stiles try to keep their status on the lacrosse team.

This weeks episode starts out with a boy trying to find his pet, he returns to his house and calls for his parents but they aren't there so he goes up a staircase and enters his room. After seeing paw prints he looks under his bed only to find his cat covered in blood that's when he heres his parents being attacked by a hatchet wielding figure.

He begins to try to hide from the attacker who speaks in a strange voice and says he killed his family.

The attacker then gives Shawn the victim instructions that would help him fight against him but he decides otherwise and escapes. The attacker is pale bald man large in stature with no mouth.

Meanwhile Derek is back to his normal self as he and his Uncle Peter enlist Braeden, to help them find Kate and the missing items from the vault. Stiles asks Scott what they are doing at practice when they have other problems to deal with, thats when we get a glimpse of a lacrosse goalie who doe not miss a save. Scotts mother is back at the hospital when Shawn falls through the doors arms covered in blood.

Mrs. McCall and Sheriff Stilinski examines Shawn's families bodies.

Kira finds out that her parents expect her to move once again. Scott and Stiles approach Liam the new goalkeeper and learn that he was kicked out from his last school. Stiles begins to rattle off questions but Liam has all the answers for them in his statement.

He also continues to help Malia fit in to a learning environment. Stiles receives a message from his dad about a family axe murder and informs Scott, when Scott is approached by Kira he avoids their conversation, mostly because it will be referring to their relationship.

He asks to talk about it later and chooses to attend class while Stiles leaves to find out more about the axe murder.

The attacker appears to be feeding information to himself through a tube in his neck, in which a blood-like substance is traveling through. The Sheriff learns that Braeden, "The U.S. Marshall," or so she is for the time being, is on the case.

Scott is worried about his awkward moment with Kira and coach has quite the speech for the team. Tryouts begin and Kira and Malia sit to watch it all unfold. Stiles jokingly asks if Liam is a werecheetah because of his speed and stamina during tryouts, meanwhile Kira confides in Malia.

Liam continues to show off and Scott can't seem to find the goal. Stiles tries to coax Scott into using a bit of his power to take back his position as team captain since he is struggling without them.

Back at practice Stiles and Scott are devising a plan to find out how Liam is able to be so perfect. They then begin to takeout anyone who gets in their way while defending the goal, but is up again and this time he manages to get around the two easily.

They try Liam for a third time and Scott takes him out one more time and it appears as if Liam is seriously hurt.

Scott and Stiles help him off and Kira saves Malia for a lacrosse ball to the face.

Meanwhile, the pesky Deputy walks in on Lydia at the scene of the family murder. Tyler and Braeden discuss the particulars of the weaponry used and she insists to him that he trust her. Tyler is still trying to figure out why his eyes have changed colors.

Scott stumbles over his word in an apology to Kira and leaves her behind once again, but then comes back and gives her a romantic and reassuring kiss. This lets her as well as "Teen Wolf" fans where they stand.

Lydia explains to the Deputy about her situation and why she is in the house, she begins to see faces in the wood of the walls. After pushing on it she finds a secret passageway and the Deputy leads their way through the dark tunnel.

They stumble upon a room that resembles a game locker but what they find are dead bodies instead.

Scott's mom tries to reach out the Shawn again and asks him if he need anything. After, she runs into Scott and Stiles who have brought Liam to get checked out after his run in with Scott.

Kira's parents are puzzled after no one shows up to the open house but realize that she doesn't want to leave. Stiles fights off Malia's advancements in order to help her with her studies and realizes they have more in common than he thought.

While helping Malia, Stiles discovers why she doesn't understand Lydia's math notes; because it's not math, the handwriting is something completely different.

Scott's mother checks up on Shawn (The Wendigo) who has killed an officer and started eating his guts, he looks up says he couldn't help it he's so hungry and his features are completely changed he no longer looks human. As she approaches Shawn, Scott is racing to his mothers rescue. He begins fighting Shawn but he escapes and turns his attention holding Liam hostage.

Scott tries to talk Shawn down and refuses a struggle ensues and Scott bites Liam to turn him and save him from dying when he falls. The mouthless attacker kills Shawn and saves Scott in the process.

Scott then watches the attacker walk away and realizes what he has done to Liam.

This weeks episode was full of surprises and fills in most of the gaps we have in terms of the relationships and love interests. The search for Kate still continues and the team continue to find new obstacles int their way.

Let's see where the pack ends up next week on "Teen Wolf" Monday at 10 PM on MTV. For more head over to MTV.com or stay tuned for the "Teen Wolf" After Show "Wolf Watch."