Russell and His Brand

In this day and time its hard to find heroes. Its hard enough finding loyal, steadfast people. Impossible.

People run at the first small sight of trouble. Nowadays, the people who are supposed to protect the laws are the ones breaking it.

The people that make the laws are the same ones that don't abide. Where are our heroes? Where are the people that are standing up if everyone is laid down? I scour the internet on the daily looking for the new breed of heroes and its hard.

A lot of the times I come up with nothing. Very saddening but true. I see a lot of things on the internet that forces me to switch on my critical thinking.

One day I saw the shares on a certain clip going crazy and I just had to find out what it was all about. It was about an interview with a certain funny man where he expressed his views that were very serious to my surprise. It sounded like someone who had it figured out. The simple way, the way it should be. He sounded like someone who was tired but had done his research. As the interviewer took sarcastic shots at him, he fired back with poise.

Cool. Impressively. I wouldn't imagine a funny man to be as calculated.

While everyone is in a rush to be the next twerker or up-and-coming, overnight celeb. There is one(which I know of) who is fighting for freedom, freedom of the mind.

I used to watch movies Russell was in and say to myself, "look there's another character". This made me know everything I had to know and wanted to know about Mr. Brand. I was anxious to see more of one of my new found heroes. So I clicked the next video. I was more impressed than when watching the first one.

Message after message, I was floored. So, it led me to ask myself this? Why do I have to look toward a comedic actor/comedian for hope? Is there more to life now than Likes and retweets, is there more we can be saying with the voice we have been given? Are we doing enough? Ask yourself the next time you post that status or tweet that tweet or throw a video up on Instagram. Ask yourself what do I want changed, and am I really using my voice.

What will be the legacy you leave? Are your children going to be able to type in "awesome twerk" in the search engine and see you there? THINK TWICE. Don't get stuck being just a comedian. Pay attention, even Russell is leaving his Brand.