Catfish Bianca & Brogan Finale, Chloe? Tia?

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After part one of the shocking season finale of "Catfish" between Blake and Kendra the guys investigate a mysterious disappearance online between Bianca and Brogan in the final episode of the season.

Oh yeah there is a special guest, supermodel, Selita Ebanks!

The episode starts out just like the others where the guys receive and email from Bianca who has been talking to Brogan. Of course it all started on Facebook and the two shared everything in common especially their love for body modification. Bianca never asked her to video chat despite the fact that the conversations on the phone was amazing.

Then Brogan disappeared when video chat was brought up. Brogan then reappeared without an explanation of why she disappeared and now she wants answers.

Bianca is a completely outsider as she explains why she doesn't fit in where she is from because of the things that she is into. That is why she was falling so hard for Brogan because there was so much in common and she didn't feel like and outsider anymore.

Out of fear of Brogan disappearing again she never asked about the disappearance.

This is when the guys call in their special guest Selita Ebanks who has also had her fair share of problems with people stealing her images.

She is interested in these situations because she wants to explore the perspectives of both sides of the parties involved in a good ole catfish.

Once the team is assembled they head out to visit Bianca in a very small town. Introductions are made and then the feelings start coming out. Bianca never had much in common with everyone else and she has been contemplating moving that's when a five month vanishing act occurred.

Everyone is quite curious to see what happens and yes the Facebook stalking, I mean investigation begins. Bianca is willing to risk Brogan freaking out and leaving just so she could have the peace of mind.

The brainstorming begins in the car ride around town then the group decides to sit down that's when they are interrupted by Ebanks receiving a phone call from David Spade, RANDOM. Distractions aside they find Brogan and begin trying to cross reference images online when that fails, they continue to research but find nothing, they find her through her tattoos and see that Brogan was actually pregnant! The twists are all over in this episode and we can see why they saved this one for the end of the season. Now after rummaging through blog information they find out that Brogan is really Chloe and her so-called brother Chris is actually her boyfriend.

They now realize that they have to tell Bianca the bad news that could potentially crush her dreams of leaving a town where she doesn't fit in. As they arrive to give the bad news they first meet Bianca's mother who tells them the hardships they faced including banishment from their church and a fight in which she told her daughter she would rather her be a whore than gay.

After everything they have been though she finally accepted Bianca and she is extremely worried about what could happen in a situation like this.

At this point the emotions set in and Bianca's mother asks her if she is sure she wants to go through the process.

Nev begins by telling Bianca what found starting with the pregnancy photo and she recognizes the tattoo instantly. A confused Bianca and now they tell her Brogan's real name is Chloe from the UK and that she lives with Chris who is her boyfriend not her brother.

Bianca is naturally crushed and confused, feeling betrayed and in shock. Ebanks has a lot of encouraging words and reassures Bianca that she deserves answers and that the team will help her find them.

Nev gives Chloe a call and they begin to explain the situation and that Bianca wants meet her. Then Chloe says her name is Tia and she says that she was very scared to tell her about the fake profile.

She agrees to meet the team and Bianca in Iowa. The airplane ride must be filled with emotions and nerves as Bianca prepares herself from the truth.

They arrive at the house and what they find is Tia and she is absolutely the opposite of what Bianca expected. As they come face to face there is an awkward silence followed by a sorry from Tia, she also explained that she got so deep into her fake profile and got addicted to being a broken person losing site of herself in the process.

Tia found Chloe from Tumblr and said that she is who she wanted to be and decided to use the alias.

She admitted that she stopped for five months because she wanted to get away from it but she kept thinking about Bianca and actually became attracted to her and her personality.

She has also admitted to coming clean to to others that she has talked to and Bianca still doesn't know what to feel about the entire situation. Tia says that if she could undo it all she would but Bianca says even though Tia confessed she didn't feel bad because of what was done to her.

The crew convinces Bianca to talk to Tia and find out more about why she did what she did, but they would meet with Tia first.

Tia is in fact living the same lifestyle as Bianca and her school and parents were a lot more accepting about the situation that Bianca's mother, church and school.

The group learns that Tia felt like an outcast but it was nowhere near the amount of struggle that Bianca went through. Tia then reveals something that happened to her in high school, she was the victim of a physical crime against and the group doesn't want to force Tia to reveal it to them but they do believe that she should open up to Bianca about it.

She agrees and heads over to Bianca to root the relationship in some kind of meaningful way.

As the two meet for a final time in private and Bianca explains that she has feelings and emotions too meanwhile Tia wishes she could take everything back. She then begins to explain that when she was 14 she was sexually assaulted and as a result became depressed and gained a lot of weight.

She enjoyed talking to Bianca but was scared of being rejected by Bianca.

Bianca explains that she should have told her the truth in the beginning and Tia is hoping that they can still talk but Bianca has to get a grip of talking to a whole new person.

The two agree that they can still have a friendship and the awesome photo-op.

To say this finale had many twists would be the understatement of a lifetime. The search carried on from one extreme to a whole other level of catfishing.

It is a very huge ending to quite the season of a very informative show for young people looking for love online. Take the advice and don't get catfished! Don't catfish anyone either!

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