Opie and Anthony Show Speak With Chris Weidman: Discuss Hurricane Sandy

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UFC middleweight champ Chris Weidman appeared on "The Opie and Anthony show" last Thursday to promote UFC 175.

During the half hour interview he discussed the flooding of his house during Hurricane Sandy.

Apparently he didn't think it was going to be a big deal, "In the history of that street we've never got any water in the house." He said he and his cousin were "Just hanging out" when the lights went out, and he went downstairs to his garage discover that all of his possessions were floating in water.

"Next thing you know it's coming up on the first floor, going to the kitchen, coming through the toilets, out the bath tub, just oozing out, and it wasn't a joke anymore" he said in almost horror (If a man who's beaten Anderson Silva twice can say anything in horror).

Chris also discussed his relationship with his brother, which is apparently a rocky one.

"I got bullied a lot growing up, I had a really tough older brother and he and his friends would just beat the crap outta me." He said as he introduced the subject of his brother to the hosts, who asked him if his brother could still fight to this day to which he responded "He could fight to this day but we don't do that, and his friends just look at me weird like "is he mad at me?" or what?" When asked if he ever got along with his brother growing up he said "no" and when asked of they get along now he said "No."

Apparently Chris's brother was a great college football player and could've been in the NFL before suffering a serious injury to his knee which caused him to never be able to play the game again "He was a better athlete then me" he said.

Co-host Jim Norton broached the subject and took a devil's advocate perspective saying "It's gotta be hard if your an athlete and your younger brother goes on to be an athlete and really succeeds, even though yours is an injury that's still gotta be hard." To which Chris replied "Yeah, I guess but you should be happy for people." Ouch! BURN!

You can listen to the full interview at this link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eymTx4oKGZs) or check it out on the Opie and Anthony channel, Sirius channel 103 and XM 206.

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