One Girl Does it all in 'Jurassic World Video Parody'

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The new Jurassic World movie is wrapped in a layer of nostalgia that lead to many people parodying promo pictures and scenes from the movie.

In Korea, one girl decided to re-do the entire trailer for the movie, with just herself and things around her house.

People get creative when they parody media that they really enjoyed or really dislike. When they've done a good job with it then it's funny to anyone.

There's not many options when acting and filming a whole sequence with multiple character by oneself, but this video manages to get real creative with what's depicting what.

The split screen of home-made trailer and the actual Jurassic trailer makes it even easier and funnier.

Hozzah2 made and posted the video to youtube. She stars in it as Chirs Pratt's character, a dino ranger with a love for Starbucks at the most in opportune times.

Bryce Dallas Howard who seems to have taken an interest to what's lurking inside her nose. The dinosaurs are played by an array of dino toys, herself, and even a cooked chicken.

Jurassic World Video Parody Compare

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