One Direction's 'Where We Are: Live From San Siro' Airs For First Time on Showtime

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The Boys of One Direction are getting ready to start the second leg of their "On The Road Again" tour. They're down a member but feeling good about the new album.

To anyone who wants to relive the last tour, Showtime is playing "Where We Are: Live from San Siro," the concert video.

Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis, and the recently departed Zayn always do better when they're preforming at a venue they like.

There are no back-up dancers nor can any of them can do more than a few dance moves really well.

So the entertainment value of their shows runs off of the same thing that got most of the world to like them, vocals and hijinks.

The movie starts with fans pushing against the security team who's linked arms in order to keep them at bay. And then they let them through.

It's like a disaster scene where everyone's running and screaming away from the destruction, except they're running towards it. The scenes are backed with different band members signing different lines of the songs they will be preforming.

Then the tour opening music plays, unfortunately the cute opening sequence of them "traveling the world" has not been added to the movie.

Instead, they show the boys arriving at the venue while they talk about their pre-concert rituals and feelings. Then they open it with the song the third album was named for, "Midnight Memories."

The first speech of the night starts with Liam, who tries his hand at some Italian before welcoming them to the show.

Harry woos the crowd with an Italian word written on his hand and telling them they smell really good, before introducing the next song, "Why Don't We Go There." Remember those hijinks mentioned earlier? Well they come out in full form during their performance of "Rock Me." From dick slaps to the little arm game Louis and Liam are playing the boys are proving to be in high spirits for this show.

Then they play "Right Now," where the entire audience, like the whole audience was in on this, holds up a square of color.

They end up making the message "We are 1D family." Whether the boys knew before or not they do a good job being amazed at the entire thing.

At the end of the song Liam thanks them and they smoothly progress into "Through the Dark." Both these songs are preformed standing before a microphone which they quickly ditch for the wonderful "Happily."

This song is the bomb, and one of the bigger ones they perform in terms of props. There are a mix of pyrotechnics and exploding streamer cannons. Then they completely tone it down with "Little Things." Which is carried solely on their vocals, as they sit in one spot and sing.

Of course, worst pop band ever as after that all the boys except for Liam decided they need a bathroom break.

There mics are still on which allows Louis to continue making fun of Liam from the toilet.

There is a camera back stage that fans can watch Zayn almost walk in on Niall and their make-up artists, Lou, try to re touch Harry's, which he doesn't make easy.

After "Moments" and halfway through the show, they go back to the "Up All Night Tour" and start answering twitter questions. It's started with a request to demonstrate some Irish dancing, which can only really be achieved by Ireland native, Niall Horan, and slightly achieved by Harry whose said that he had Niall teach him once. Next question wants to know what the boys would do if they were girls.

No-Filter-Styles jokes that he'd do Niall. Liam, band spokesman, is like "Look what you're doing?! The fans will never let this go. It's on DVD." Niall, however, goes along with the joke.

They go on to share hidden talents. Liam shows off some beatboxing, which he's not half bad at. Niall does an impression as his talent.

Harry juggles, like he does every time someone asks him what his hidden talent is. It's really not that hidden anymore. And so concludes the questions.

"Better Than Words," was one of those songs you didn't really like, then you watched it live and you were like "hell ya, this is it." Also might be because of Niall's crotch and hand movement during his solo.

Or the little illustrations, get it cause "words ain't good enough." Then they jump into their drug and sex anthem, "Alive." Like a bad trip, the audience gets shots from a camera attached to Niall's guitar.

But nothing screams drugs more than the platform that rises from the stage with a picture of a face on the screens.

They stay on the platform for two more songs, "One Thing" and "Diana." The latter is another of those songs that wasn't particularly enjoyable in the context of the album but a live performance shined a whole new light on the song.

After thanking the band, they play "What Makes You Beautiful" to "close the show." Watching them do this song will forever be amusing to watch after Liam, Louis, and Zayn confessed that they don't care for that song anymore.

Niall and Harry, though, still think it's the best.

Of course the show can't be over yet! They haven't played two of the singles from "Midnight Memories." Nor have they played their second biggest song, "Story of My Life." The boys appear back on stage with the song "You & I" which is carried a lot by Zayn's gorgeous high notes. (Why'd you leave?!) The laser light show also starts at the end of the song. Then it's time for "Story of My Life" and for your heartstrings to be tugged.

Fans take a page from the music video of the song and hold up old photos of themselves with their family. There's a couple sharing a sweet kiss in the middle of the song.

The boy's sound beautiful, especially when they start changing the notes. There is a reason this song got big.

Then it's laser light show extraordinaire song or "Little White Lies." Love, love this song. Niall, jamming out with his guitar, all of them hyped up and doing all the dance moves they can.

Zayn. 100 percent the song of the night. Of course it's not a real end of the show if they boys don't tell you how much they love you for the tenth time and play "Best Song Ever."

In summary, this concert video is a compilation of Liam doing that one foot dance, Harry being a nerd, Niall's guitar, boyband microphone & leprechaun leap, dickslaps & nipple twisters, Louis being a troll, and Zayn standing around looking beautiful until it's time for him to bust some crazy note.

You know, basically One Direction being One Direction.

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