Olivia Wilde Tells Howard Stern About Jason Sudeikis' Courtship and More

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The Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show continues to give fans high profile interviews with Olivia Wilde. During her visit, Wilde talked about her career and her relationship with Jason Sudeikis who she has been with since 2011.

Wilde is the star of the HBO TV series Vinyl and has had a huge career in the entertainment industry.

Stern welcomed Wilde on to the show by mentioning Vinyl and how much Gary Dell'Abate has been raving about it. Stern had not seen the show yet but did say he has them saved on a TiVo folder.

"Olivia said it takes place in 1973. She said that Bobby Cannavale plays her husband. She said she eventually gets back to her factory girl life," according to MarksFriggin.

"Howard asked if she cheats on her husband. She said she doesn't but she gave up her identity to be a mother. She had to get back to her life."

While discussing the fact that Wilde's character was a factory girl for Andy Warhol, Stern recounted his strange encounter with Warhol. He told a story in which Stern was in a limo outside of K-Rock and that Warhol just got into it randomly.

Stern told his fans that Warhol said he "thought someone fabulous would be in the car," the proceeded to get out of it. It certainly fits the strange persona of Warhol.

Stern commented about Wilde's deep-cut dress at the Oscars and she pointed out that she was there for a documentary she did called Half the Sky. She also talked about the music video she shot for the band Edward Sharpe and how it was completely shot on an iPhone using different lenses.

Wilde revealed that she is living in Brooklyn about 10 minutes from where she works. She made the move because she wasn't into Hollywood and didn't like the amount of paparazzi out there.

She revealed that New York was better because there wasn't someone always following you around.

Later on she told Stern that she was refused a role for being "too sophisticated," which actually meant too old and that statement seemed to shock Stern.

She spoke a bit about her early life and her parents who are journalists, as well as wanting to be more of a badass than she was when she was 13-years-old. Many of her stories led to Stern saying that she might have been crying out for attention, especially when she decided to become an actress.

Wilde eloped with a prince at the age of 18 and her real last name was actually Cockburn, however, she says she was inspired by Oscar Wilde so that's what drove her to change her name.

Then came the story of how she and Sudeikis got together and the clarification of their relationship status.

"Howard said that Olivia is going out with Jason Sudeikis but that doesn't seem like the kind of guy a woman like her would date. Howard said she isn't with the 'hot' guy in Hollywood," according to MF.

"Olivia said she has dated other guys. Howard said he has a list. Howard said Justin Timberlake is on the list.

She said she never dated him.

She said she played his mom in a movie called 'In Time.' She said that they have known each other for a very long time. She said they did a movie very early on."

Wilde says that humor is very high on her list when it comes to a partner as Stern also pointed out that she dated Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper in the past. Wilde told Stern that she and Sudeikis will get around to the whole marriage thing but they didn't want to slow them down.

They met at a Saturday Night Live party and she was much younger then. She remembered that Heather Locklear was the host, Janet Jackson was the musical guest and Chris Farley was on the cast.

She revealed that she and Sudeikis are engaged, before continuing her story about the SNL party and how she met Sudeikis. She remembered being in the middle of the dance floor and everyone around her was happy according to MF.

"She said then Jason suddenly came up to her in her face and said 'Whatever you're looking for, you don't need it.' Then he walked away.

Olivia said she thinks he sensed that she looked kind of lost and she was just at another party and didn't know what to do."

Wilde said that he was pretty smooth but at that point Sudeikis wasn't trying to pick her up. Stern asked Wilde to name some of the women that Sudeikis has dated and she named Rosario Dawson and January Jones.

Wilde was coaxed into going out with Sudeikis by Jason Bateman and Kristen Wiig. She told Stern and his listeners that Sudeikis had her number for about a month but never texted her.

"Olivia said that Jason's texts are so witty and perfectly timed. She said it was like the best part of her day to look at her texts," according to MF.

"Howard asked how long it took to get into her pants. She said it took until the 4th date to even kiss. She said he was so smart and got her on the hook."

They went to the Museum of Modern Art for their first date and she says that Sudeikis kept making her laugh but that people were constantly coming up to him to compliment him on his SNL work.

She even told the story of the first kiss which happened during a show they went to see with the Batemans.

"She said that she asked what she was doing wrong that he didn't kiss her. She said that night he finally kissed her and she was head over heels," according to MF.

Wilde had plenty of great things to say about Sudeikis' family and also told Stern she couldn't wait to have more kids.

It was a pretty awesome love story of two very high-profile celebrities. You can check out the Vinyl trailer below.

Vinyl Trailer