Olivia Munn Shares Her Mushroom Obsession With The Ellen Show

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Olivia Munn is getting ready for the release of her film, Office Christmas Party which also features Jennifer Aniston, T.J. Miller and many more.

The actress decided to stop by The Ellen Show to chat about the film and her obsession with mushrooms.

Munn sat down as she and DeGeneres, who insisted that they are really friends, spoke about how they became so close. DeGeneres revealed that Munn always said that she wanted to be friends with her and they have become friends since then.

Munn said it was so much fun being friends with DeGeneres and her mom is excited that she texts with DeGeneres.

They joked about their besties necklaces that they sport before getting into Munn's obsession with mushroom hunting. Munn's dog likes to eat everything and she has to be careful because he property has a lot of mushrooms, which are toxic to dogs.

Her brother is part of a mushroom hunting club, so, every time she goes out and finds some mushrooms, she snaps a photo and sends it to her brother.

The actress and model said it was interesting because they have a huge variety of mushrooms. Munn said that she and her husband don't like mushrooms so they get thrown away, however, she is really into finding them.

You can hear all about Olivia Munn's mushroom obsession and more in The Ellen Show video below. Office Christmas Party is now playing in theaters.

Olivia Munn Shares Her Mushroom Obsession With The Ellen Show