Older Brother Trolls His Gullible Brothers With Fake Cheat Codes

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Your siblings sometimes bring about the definition of a love hate relationship and often times the older siblings try to take advantage of the younger ones.

In this case one brother trolled his little brother with fake cheat codes that involve them hitting the controller on their head.

(Video Below)

If you're considered a gullible person and everyone finds out, you could be at the end of a major troll such as the one in the video below.

The clip was posted to the VineCompOfTheWeek YouTube Page and then made it's way to Reddit, the viral heaven. It certainly does not pay to believe everything you're told especially if it's coming from your older sibling.

In the video below two young kids are playing what appears to be "Grand Theft Auto." Now, not all of us are experts at video games so sometimes we need a little help. That help comes in the form of cheat codes. The older brother set out to troll his younger brother by giving them what seems like believable cheat codes, however, there is a twist.

At the end of the cheat code he tells his brother that the code asks for them to hit the controller on their head three times.

The funniest part is, they actually believe it and not just once. Check out the hilarious video below.

Older Brother Trolls His Gullible Brothers With Cheat Codes