Okay Desiigner, 'Timmy Turner' Lives Up to The Hype

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We questioned whether or not Desiigner's "Panda" was a fluke or not.

Then, we felt like there was too much of Future's sound on New English. Now, it looks like Desiigner is making us a believer after releasing the much hyped up track "Timmy Turner."

"Timmy Turner" was once a disappointing freestyle for the XXL 2016 Freshman Class. Then, Desiigner and legendary producer Mike Dean teased us with a revised version of the track that already had the sounds of a hit.

At this point we began to eat our initial thoughts and like everyone else was highly anticipating the release of the track.

When the real "Timmy Turner" finally released yesterday, we couldn't help but to think, "okay, Desiigner knows how to write a catchy tune and Mike Dean might be the best in the game right now." There is no denying the catchy nature of the songs melody and the production really does speak for itself.

Originally there were rumors that Travis Scott would also be on the track but truth-be-told, they didn't even need him, though, it would have been insane.

So, Desiigner, you have proven that you can make another hit with "Timmy Turner." If you haven't heard Desiigner's "Timmy Turner," you can listen to/stream the track below.

Listen/Stream Desiigner's "Timmy Turner" Official Song