OG Maco Releases 'Breathe EP': Special Project With A Completely Real Message

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If you've ever heard of OG Maco the first thing that comes to mind is his track "U Guessed It," however, it seems like Maco may have been hiding some serious skills as he releases a new EP titled, "Breathe."

(Audio Below)

What "Breathe" really proves is never judge a book by it's cover, or in this case an artist by the song that made him famous. The super turned up version of Maco was annexed for the creation of a three song EP that addresses, the streets, the current state of police on civilian violence as well as race.

Unlike the soulful croon that J. Cole did on "Be Free," Maco makes his tribute realistic by painting the picture of a young man in a very dark situation.

He addresses the racial divides that are still prevalent in the country today and completely surprises his critics. This is one of the most surprising displays of talent this year.

What this proves is that OG Maco is more than just your average "turn up" rapper.

He has the ability to tell a story and become a very powerful voice.

Though the last track could be considered one of the traditional Maco tracks because of the beat and delivery, he makes the subject matte turn it into something more than that.

Listen to the entire EP Below