Octavia Spencer Talks 'Hidden Figures' and More On The Ellen Show

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After a big release weekend for Hidden Figures, Octavia Spencer stopped by The Ellen Show to chat about her character in the film. Spencer also shared a conversation she had with Casey Affleck about going commando.

As the interview kicked off, DeGeneres congratulated Spencer on the box office success for the opening weekend of Hidden Figures.

Spencer explained that she was playing the character of the woman who learned how to program the IBM and trained other women how to do so, further gaining them employment at NASA.

The actress actually got to meet the women that were being portrayed in the film and share the film with their family as well. Spencer was not disappointed with losing to Viola Davis at the Golden Globes because she had never had so much fun at an award show as she did on Sunday.

Much of that came from her attire. The actress chose to wear a tuxedo, which she said allowed her to be "freer."

Spencer said she wore a lot less underwear and everyone was telling her she was so radiant.

She said they thought she was happy because of the box office but it was really the comfort she felt from her outfit.

She bumped into Casey Affleck and told DeGeneres that she revealed she wasn't wearing as much underwear and that's why she ws so happy.

You can hear Spencer's hilarious story and more in The Ellen Show videos below. Hidden Figures is now playing in theaters.

Octavia Spencer Talks 'Hidden Figures' and More On The Ellen Show

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