Obama Gives Speech To Empty Bleechers, #ReasonsToExitAnObamaSpeech Trending On Twitter

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Apparently President Obama is uninteresting.

President Obama was in Upper Marlboro, Md. earlier tonight at a rally for Maryland gubernatorial candidate Anthony Brown, and, believe it or not, it was his first campaign event of 2014, reports Twitch.

All seemed to go well until Obama stepped on stage; it seems half way through his speech all of the people who had gathered for Anthony Brown's campaign event decided they had enough and started leaving.

Of course Twitter decided they would have some fun with this.

Below are some tweets:

We have funny ones:

And the political ones:

Of course everyone has their opinions about Obama and the way he has used his two terms in office, however, what does it say as a society for Americans to be walking out on our President during his speech? Obviously many Americans are upset with him and we can only wait and see which way the next election will go.

We may see a major swing back to the Republican Party holding office much like the way we saw the Democrats in power after Bush's two terms.

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