No Food Safe When A 'Beagle Gets Into Hot Oven' For It

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With all pets there's the chance that they'll snatch what you're eating. But usually it's just a matter of finding a location that said animal cannot reach. Too bad, that just doesn't seem like a possibility from some pets.

This dog might just be one of the craftiest dogs.

After having a problem with missing food, Rodd Scheinerman decided to put his dog to the test.

With some old chicken nuggets in the convectional oven, a well placed camera, and a necessary trip to the grocery store, Scheinerman was able to catch Lucy in the act.

The dog, Lucy, proves her smarts early on in the video. She uses a chair from to climb up onto a little island counter in her search for the nuggets. Not finding them there she searches all other posibilites.

Now, if you don't want to watch a dog roam around a kitchen skip ahead a wee bit.

Once Lucy has figured out where the nuggets are she doesn't waste time trying to get them. She doesn't even care about the heat, just sticks her mouth in and snatched them out.

What my beagle does when are not home. Beagle gets into hot oven