Nissan Attaches GoPro To The Nissan GT-R Nismo And It's Incredible: Not For Epileptics!

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NIssan questioned what it would look like if they attached a GoPro to a NISMO GT-R wheel and drove alongside another GT-R.

(Watch The Video Below: Warning Not For Epileptics)

"The results are, well, interesting - and a bit trippy. Warning: May cause some form of hypnosis, irrationally strong GT-R love, or help you give up smoking," says Nissan.

The video is incredibly trippy it's like looking through the kaleidoscope that a car enthusiast would enjoy. While it is rather hard to look at for the full two minutes and thirty-seven seconds it is quite the interesting idea.

The video was posted to NISMO TV, the official channel dedicated to the world of NISMO (NISsan MOtorsports).

"We love bringing you race cars on the track and sports cars on the road. We'll bring you LIVE racing, behind the scenes stories of GT Academy and other goodies that you suggest we make," says NISMO TV.

If you are a die hard Nissan Motorsports fan you can check out some of the other videos they have which deal with the racing championships and development of their racing vehicles, as well as performance vehicles like the Nissan GT-R.

Watch The Trippy GT-R GoPro Wheel Video