Nina Dobrev And Daniel Gillies Or Ex Ian Somerhalder: Who Makes The Better Couple?

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The days of "The Vampire Diaries" Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder's relationship are no more but what would it be like if she were to hook up with another CW star, maybe Daniel Gillies of "The Originals"?

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Well before jumping into why this is even a question, for fans who loved seeing the on-screen and off-screen couple in the past, Gillies, who plays Elijah on "The Originals," posted a photo to his Instagram page of him and Dobrev (Elena Gilbert) looking very cozy on November 24.

Not quite sure when the photo was originally taken, but all the caption read was, "Yeah @ninadobrev."

Yeah @ninadobrev

A photo posted by Daniel Gillies (@danielj_gillies) on

Any fan base is use to cryptic messages and before starting the rumor that the two may have a fling which is probably the last thing on both of their minds, how about taking a different route and examining who fans would like to see Dobrev with the most.

The chemistry between Dobrev and Somerhalder is without a doubt some of the best that fans have seen on screen in terms of a primetime television drama.

That chemistry was carried off-screen and the two began dating sending the entire VD fan base in a little frenzy for awhile.

Now that they have split and Somerhalder has moved on to Nikki Reed, who happened to be one of Dobrev's close friends, Dobrev seems to be enjoying her single life with her new bestie Jessica Szohr.

Now for all of the fans out there who didn't support the Dobrev/Somerhalder relationship, would you have rather seen her with another cast member such as Gillies? After all his character Elijah is an >"Original" vampire where as Damon Salvatore isn't. Elijah is a little more clean cut and controlled where Damon is a bit more wild and out of control.

In real life both of the guys seem pretty normal and suitable for Dobrev. While those are both great and all who would the fans rather seen together in real life? (Hypothetically)

Who would you have rather seen Nina Dobrev with? Vote Below. Have another suitor in mind? Comment Below.