Nicole Kidman Talks Keith Urban, 'Big Little Lies' and More On The Ellen Show

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After receiving an Oscar nomination for her role in Lion, Nicole Kidman visited The Ellen Show to catch up on what's been going on in her life.

The actress and host covered everything from her marriage to her new HBO TV series Big Little Lies.

DeGeneres introduced Kidman to the show and they chatted about her fourth nomination for an Academy Award. The host congratulated Kidman and the actress seemed stunned at the fact that she was nominated once again.

Kidman said that she is happy that people are seeing the film and loving it. Her winning experience at the Academy Awards was for Hours and she said it was like a dream for her.

Kidman was not expecting the award and said it only began to set in a year later. She says she will not prepare a speech because she doesn't think she is going to win.

She is willing to speak from the heart and said that she left out her dad in the first speech. Unfortunately, Kidman forgot to thank her dad while she really thanked her mother profusely.

The actress' husband, Keith Urban are both nominated for awards with his Grammy nomination this weekend and her BAFTA nomination in London. They won't be in the same country but Kidman's daughter elected to go with her dad to the Grammys.

However, she isn't allowed to because she is only 8-years-old and there is inappropriate language used there, according to Kidman.

DeGeneres brought up a throwback to when Kidman and Urban first met and Kidman said she had such a crush on Urban, however, Urban didn't call her for four months. Kidman also touched upon her new HBO TV series, Big Little Lies.

The show is seven parts long according to DeGeneres and Kidman gave a brief description of the complicated plot. Reese Witherspoon also stars in the series, aswell as Zooey Kravitz, Shailene Woodley and Alexander Skarsgard.

You can hear all about Kidman's new show, her husband and the Academy Awards in The Ellen Show videos below.

Nicole Kidman Talks Keith Urban On The Ellen Show

Nicole Kidman Talks Big Little Lies

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