Nicole Kidman Surprises The Ellen Show

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The holidays are full of surprises and Nicole Kidman had one for The Ellen Show fans when she made a guest appearance on the show. Kidman is celebrating her Golden Globe nomination for the film Lion.

DeGeneres psyched her fans out by saying she was going to call her friend Nicole Kidman to congratulate her on her Golden Globe nomination.

When Kidman picked up, she chatted with DeGeneres but walked out on stage with her phone to her ears. The two sat down as the fans cheered on and on.

The host congratulated Kidman on the nomination and raved about how young Kidman looked in every scene of the film. Lion is a true story about an Indian boy who gets lost in India but adopted by Australian parents.

When he grows up, he goes on a journey to find his family.

Meanwhile, Kidman says her daughters just want everything for Christmas but they will get to choose a charity to donate some money to. You can hear all about Lion in The Ellen Show video below.

Nicole Kidman Surprises The Ellen Show

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