Nick Cannon Weighs In On Mariah Carey's NYE Performance

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Nick Cannon dropped by The Ellen Show for a pretty lengthy interview. The subjects of the interview consisted of his new baby and what many were hoping for him to comment on, Mariah Carey's New Year's Eve performance.

Before they got into the big ticket items, DeGeneres complimented Cannon on his outfit. He explained that he has been wearing a lot of turbans because it's like his crown.

The star said he feels like a king in his words, "royalty mixed with mommy dearest." Cannon's turban was pretty popular with the crowd and it was even more popular when he revealed that he wants to encourage everyone to embrace different cultures.

Cannon was in the hospital during Christmas but it was due to the medication he was taking for his Lupus condition. In terms of his health, Cannon said that he is doing a lot of meditation and Howard Stern actually helped him out a lot.

He also took DeGeneres on a bit of a tour through his house where he has a room filled with balls and his very own candy room. Despite having a candy room, his kids don't ask for candy.

In terms of his relationship with Carey, Cannon said that they still have a very good relationship.

He joked that he thought the government set Carey up during the New Year's Eve fiasco, however, he said that anything can go wrong when it comes inner ear pieces.

It was a pretty big defense and after Cannon also explained how his sex-strike didn't last and now he is expecting another kid.

You can watch the entire interview with Nick Cannon in The Ellen Show video below.

Nick Cannon Weighs In On Mariah Carey's NYE Performance

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