New Yelawolf Song 'Whiskey In A Bottle' Signs Of Great Things To Come

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Today a new track off "Love Story" by Yelawolf has surfaced, titled, "Whiskey In A Bottle" and it shows signs of good music to come from the rapper.

The rapper out of Alabama is a lyricist who has risen from the gutter to become a respected name in Hip-Hop. After a brief fallout with Shady Records, Yelawolf patched things up with Eminem and was featured on the "Shady XV" album celebrating 15 years of the label and it's artists.

Now Yelawolf is carving his own path by combining Hip-Hop with his country roots. However, this isn't the Florida Georgia Line type of combination. Its rougher around the edges and gritty in nature.

"The rapper is definitely sticking to his Southern roots and creating his own lane at the same time," reports "There aren't many rappers with this sound, especially the ones coming out of the south."

With "Whiskey In A Bottle," Yelawolf uses his lyrics as a sort of therapy and explanation of who he is and where he came from. The song features a hook with Yelawolf showing off a little vocal skills. He presumes that he is like "Whiskey In A Bottle" now.

He declares that he's better ages now and with that declaration comes some impressive music.

The song was released on Interscope Records YouTube page and can be streamed there.

There is still no tentative release date for "Love Story" but fans can keep up with Yelawolf on social media for the latest announcements on the album.