New Video Trend? 'Just Do It' Shia LeBeouf

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For a while now, Shia LeBeouf has been making a startling comeback doing offhanded projects. So it's not that surprising that his most recent project is a little unusual.

Just days after LeBeouf's motivational speech hit the internet, multiple parody videos have emerged.

The video in question is a half an hour video in which LeBeouf delivers what is supposed to be a motivational speech. The video, #Introductions, was a collaboration with Central Saint Martins art school in London. It's supposed to be a creative piece that inspires people.

Of course, there is one part in particular that has seemed to inspire people. The "Just Do It" segment of the video has been the fuel for what seems to be a new video meme, with Shia popping up in movies scenes and people's lives to give that part of the speech.

The "Just Do It" part of the video only runs for a around a minute and is just LeBeouf screaming sentiments while pacing.

As you can see the video, shot in front of a green screen, invites internet trolls to do what they do best.

One video, published by Rusty Jambo, takes the scene from Star Wars: Return of the Sith, where Anakin is faced with the decision to follow orders and kill someone he doesn't want to.

Faced with hesitation, LeBeouf arrives to tell him to "Just do it!"
Darth LaBeouf Motivational Speech

What's a better place for a motivational speech than on TED Talk.

While the actual site did not put LeBeouf's speech up, Michael McNeff made one for them.

McNeff uses the original opening sequence of a real TED talk and images of the usual setting TED Talks take place in.
Shia LaBeouf TED Talk

And this is probably only the beginning. The internet does love its memes.