New Trend? High School Kid Plays Russian Roulette, Posts Video On Vine

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We've covered a lot of the crazy trends that teenagers have been up to lately, from the fire challenge to the more innocent make - up transformation, however, we've never seen something like this.

Almost a month ago, Connor Ericsson uploaded a video on Vine, which he titled "No Flinch Zone." The video is of what seems to be his friend and fellow high schooler playing Russian roulette at a party.

The friend's vine account is Zachsteriadotcom and he seems to be very calm throughout the entire process.

This video is definitely nerve - wrecking to watch and the student's parents would surely have something to say if they were to see it. If the teen's goal was to get a viral hit he's definitely accomplished that, although, his means don't justify the cause.

It seems as though people will stop at nothing to get the 15 minutes of fame these days.

All we can do is hope others don't see the vine and copy it.

Watch the Russian Roulette Video: (Warning Graphic)