Netflix Takes Next Step With Brad Pitt's 'War Machine'

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That settles it, Netflix is officially going to do it all. The company has gotten the rights to Brad Pitt's 'War Machine' and are planning to release it in movie theaters as well as through it's online streaming services.

"War Machine" is a satirical comedy based on the book "The Wild and Terrifying Inside Story of America's War in Afghanistan," by Michael Hastings. You can basically tell what it's all about from the title, it's going to take a look at the process that goes into a decision about war here in America.

Brad Pitt will play an army General who is dead set on winning the war in Afghanistan.

Netflix, first known for delivering the movies you wanted to watch straight to your door, has slowly become much more than that. They started with allowing subscribers to stream the movies and shows right to their tv. You have to admit their first selection of streaming wasn't that good. since then that library has only grown. They started to create their own shows, putting them past just a simple delivery service.

They were able to compete with networks, some even achieving an award or two. Netflix gained another notch of popularity when it started to pick up shows that networks had cancelled, like "Arrested Development".

Recently, Netflix has taken a strange step forward or backwards with the show "Between," which is being released for streaming on a weekly basis. The show is Canadian and airing like a regular tv program there.

By taking on "War Machine," Netflix is entering the whole new field of entertainment, the movie industry. Now Netflix has it's own original movies already up on the site, so making the movie isn't the new thing.

Although, most of those movies are documentaries of some sort. It's that they are going to release in theaters. And where Netflix goes, Hulu is bound to follow, you know minus the no commercials and having whole seasons.